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1-16 of over 1,000 results for under pool pad Price and other details may vary. Amazon's Choice for under pool pad. Liner Life Pre-Cut Swimming Pool Liner Pad, 18' Round, White - Made of Strong, Durable Polyester Geotextile Material, Precut to Fit Perfectly, GP18R, 18' 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,520. $111.99 $ 111. 99 It is a base made up of crushed stone and gravel turned into dust that will create a hard, cement-like bottom under the pool liner. This may create problems later in the pool's life when sharp pebbles may begin to poke into the liner. To prevent this, we suggest laying down a protective layer between the base material and the pool liner Make your own river rock garden. It's as easy and gathering a few bags of river rocks, and filling up a bed of dirt with them. The main strength of rock gardens is the quiet, yet impactful contrast they add to your backyard. Choose a single spot for your rock garden, or create an accent border of river rocks around your pool deck

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24 36 48 60. Swimline LI1248BSO Overlap Pool Liner, 48-52 in Wall, 12 ft Round, 20 Gauge, Boulder Swirl. Only. $144.99. FREE NEXT DAY. The Pool Supplies Superstore is pleased to offer free next day delivery at no additional charge to most of the US for many of our most popular swimming pool supplies Swimline Above Ground Standard Ga. Pool Liner 10X16 OVAL BLUE OVERLAP 48 to 52 NL213-20. Regular Retail Price: $161.99. Factory Direct Savings: -$32.00. Your Discounted Price: $129.99. Swimline Above Ground Standard Ga. Pool Liner 11X18 OVAL BLUE OVERLAP 48 to 52 NL214-20. Regular Retail Price: $213.88 #SwimmingPool #VinylLinerFor more details, please visit: https://www.eztestpools.com/How to Fix a Hole in Vinyl Swimming Pool Liner Underwater RepairFixing a.. Vinyl pool liners serve as the barrier between the pool and the ground, keeping the water contained. Bubbles on the bottom of a liner can be a sign of a serious problem, or they may be caused by. 18' Round Overlap Dover Vinyl Heavy Duty Blue Liner. $459.00. Add to Cart. 24' Round Overlap Crystal Liner - 20 Gauge. $549.00. Add to Cart. 18'x24'x52 Oval Uni-Bead Liberty Tile Liner - 25 Gauge. $799.00. Add to Cart

Pool liners are obviously not built to withstand water weight, they are simply made to line the inside of a pool to hold the water. Therefore, when installing a new swimming pool or a new above ground pool liner it is extremely important to make sure that the vinyl pool liner is supported by the proper height sand base. There should be NO AIR SPACE between the vinyl pool liner and the base. Overlap Liners are the most economical choice in above ground liner. just as the name suggests the liner literally overlaps/drapes over the side of your pool wall and is then secured by the pool's top rails.This is the kind of liner you'll end up with with you're looking to install an above ground pool with a deep end. This guide is meant to provide additional resources gathered over the years. Pool liners are fastened to the top of the pool, and held tightly in place by the weight of water. When a pool liner is first installed, the air between the pool structure and the underside of the liner is usually removed with a vacuum to adjust the position of the liner

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Sand is the recommended base material upon which an aboveground pool should sit. Sand is used under an aboveground pool to protect the pool's vinyl liner from rocks and objects that could tear the liner. Also, sand under an aboveground pool acts as cushioning for its floor, making it more comfortable for feet Rock-on-a-Roll makes hiding pond liner easy. It is lightweight and flexible and has the look and texture of natural stone. It conforms to any shape, allowing you to hide pond liner, skimmers, filters and hoses without piling up lots of boulders. Rock-on-a-Roll is fish and pond plant safe, and was designed for use in water gardens Swimline Above Ground Heavy Ga. Pool Liner 15X30 OVAL ROLLING ROCK UNIBEAD 48 NL525-25. Regular Retail Price: $733.47. Factory Direct Savings: -$190.16. Your Discounted Price: $543.31. Swimline Above Ground Heavy Ga. Pool Liner 15X33 OVAL ROLLING ROCK UNIBEAD 48 NL526-25. Regular Retail Price: $858.27. Factory Direct Savings: -$222.52 That should be fine, with a pad under the liner. You may stratify the gravel, using bluestone 57 gravel, then pea gravel, then sand. Good idea to put in a drain, in the drain you can put in an automatic hydrostatic relief valve, which can allow high pressure high water table water to enter the pool, rather than float the liner Like Pool user said - it is pretty darn hot under that liner, and the air can be pretty rank! If you have a shopvac, drop the vacuum hose behind the liner and have your partner blow some air in there every few minutes. It wouldn't be a bad idea to have a patch kit with you when you go under the liner. You can check for any pinholes while you're.

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  1. g pool will last much longer — and will be more comfortable for swimmers — if there is some kind of padding layer between the bottom of the pool liner and the ground on which the pool rests. While it is possible to install the pool directly on a lawn surface (most pools are designed for exactly this) installing a perfectly smooth, flat, and.
  2. A beautiful new inground liner - nothing matches the soft feel and bright luster of a vinyl lined pool. If you've recently installed one of our inground pool kits, or replaced your inground pool liner, you want to protect the investment, and put off a re-investment for as long as possible.Here's how to keep your vinyl liner looking new, by avoiding these 5 common mistakes made with vinyl.
  3. This best landscape fabric under rock comes in several sizes so you can customize it to suit your needs. It is designed to be a long-term solution to weed control, and it comes lined with pre-printed rows that make it easy to get your plants or flowers exactly straight or to plan out a perfectly symmetrical garden

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  1. So I purchase an Intex rectangle pool 32×16 and we got the ground level had to rent a backhoe because of the slope in the backyard and got 10 yards of sand to put on top of the ground to prevent rocks from hitting the liner. Got cement pavers to put under each side post of the pool will only having sand under the pool hold the pool up
  2. Moles Under Pool I am currently replacing the liner in my pool and have read numerous comments that have been posted about the best pool base i.e. sand and styrofoam. Raising Pool Base We just purchased an 18' x 52 AG pool, metal frame
  3. When buying a pool liner, you will see many companies advertise the liners in GAUGE or GA. Gauge is used to measure steel products NOT liner material. When you ask a company who uses the term gauge how thick the liner is, they may tell you that GA is the quality of the liner. They do not tell you the MIL
  4. g Pool Liner Pad, 24' Round, White - Made of Strong, Durable Polyester Geotextile Material, Precut to Fit Perfectly, GP24R, 24' 4.4 out of 5 stars 2,533 7 offers from $106.7
  5. The pool bottom you put isn't based on the region you live in. The substrate (ground under the pool bottom) that you are building on needs to be prepped to make sure that anything you put down will adhere correctly. Clay, sand, stone, rock, dirt . . . doesn' t matter. Yes
  6. Above ground pools require a base material to be laid for the construction of the pool. Mason sand or stone dust base material is used most often. It is a base made up of crushed stone and gravel turned into dust that will create a hard, cement-like bottom under the pool liner
  7. Liners Guides. Sizing Your Vinyl Pool Liner . If you have a vinyl pool, the vinyl liner may need to be replaced every six to eight years. When it comes time to replace the existing pool liner, Doheny's is dedicated to working with you to customize and design the correct size and shape liner for your pool

The river rock is an excellent way to landscape around the pool. It offers good runoff so hopefully the outside of the pool area can stay fairly dry, and not be sitting in water all the time. Weeds and grass tend to grow wild around an above ground pool and this is not at all good for the pool liner if they happen to grow under and up through. Unibead Pool Liners Swimline - Overlap 21' Round All Swirl 48/52 in. Depth Above Ground Pool Liner, 20 Mil 3.8 out of 5 Customer Rating. $516.99 View Item Swimline - Overlap 24' Round All Swirl 48/52 in. Depth Above Ground Pool Liner, 20 Mil 4.9 out of 5 Customer Rating. $571.99. What Can You Put Under a Pool Liner for Padding?. With the widespread availability of plastic pool forms and rubber liners, creating a pool for your garden or yard has never been easier. Though. Measuring Forms. Aboveground Pool Liners. Pool Size: 20 Mil Patterns From: 27 Mil Patterns From: 30 Mil Patterns From: 12' x 18'. $299. $349 Intex Krystal Clear Sand Filter Pump for Above Ground Pools, 10-inch. filter sand. waterproof caulk. 8-foot pool liner (you could also add one of these 59″ round decorative faux mosaic pool mats to the bottom of your stock tank swimming pool over the liner for an added fun touch) metal spring clamps

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The pool framework needs to sit on perfectly level, solid dirt. The brace assemblies need to be set into the dirt, with solid dirt packed around them. If it were me, I would clear the rock, level the ground, set the braces, level the end rails and then bring in some mortar sand. This page shows an oval pool being installed in a desert landscape. The Liner Life Pre-Cut Liner pads are perfectly sized and cut to fit the 18 round above-ground pools. Since it is designed for above-ground pools it ensures that there will be maximum support, comfort, and cushioning for the swimmers and no foot imprints forming on the sand level whatsoever An added protection against the uneven ground which can cause the pool liner to fill in the holes caused by the excavation process, inducing liner failure During this process, building a retaining wall around your pool will help keep the backfill in place, helping prevent soil erosion around your swimming pool Blue Wave Above Ground Oval 30-ft Pool Liner Pad. New liner pad makes old foam floor padding obsolete. Unlike foam, which can be easily cut by grass, roots or rocks under your liner, liner pad protects your liner from sharp objects. Liner pad is tough, but also adds a layer of cushioning. Liner pad is cut to size and seamed for your pool

15 Ft Round Pool Liner Floor Protection Pad Pre-Cut Armor Shield Resists Acids Sand Rocks Roots Glass Nutgrass Reduces Heat Loss. $158.00. $158 We offer top quality above ground swimming pool liners for round above ground pools, oval above ground pools, and custom size above ground swimming pools! Swimline 24' Round Boulder Swirl 48-52 Overlap 25GA Liner $455.99. Swimline 12' Round Boulder Swirl 48-52 Overlap 25GA Liner $231.99. Swimline 12' Round Solid Blue 48-52 Overlap 20GA. The Traditional Way to Prevent a Floating Vinyl Liner. Dig a 3′ - 4′ deep hole next to the pool. Put a 4″ - 5″ diameter piece of PVC into the hole. Fill the bottom with rock. Put a sump pump into the pit to take out all the water. Existing customers that have this type of sump have come to accept that their liner floats

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A common problem with pool liners is that small holes or tears can develop from impact damage or sharp debris in the pool. Use a vinyl patch kit specifically made for swimming pools. Cut the patch into a circle, as sharp edges on the patch will tend to peel off over time. If possible, use a piece of the same liner pattern for a color match or. Swimline - Unibead Style Emerald Tile Pattern 20' Round All Swirl 54 in. Depth Above Ground Pool Liner, 20 Mil. 3.8 out of 5 Customer Rating. $203.99 - $377.99. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more J-Bead Liners or Uni-Beaded liners can be hung on the pool wall like an overlap liner or can be inserted to a bead receiver track like beaded liners. This liner is perfect as a replacement for either beaded and overlap liners. This liner must be purchased specifically for 52 wall height. Features. Constructed of full 25-Gauge (Mil) virgin viny http://www.keybar.us/Repair/Patch Vinyl POOL Liner There were 19 holes in this pool

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The smoother your vermiculite pool bottom is, the better your liner will look, so this is one part of the pool installation to take your time and do it right. If you have any other questions or concerns about installing your vermiculite pool floor / pool bottom on an inground vinyl pool kit - give us a call at 800-288-7946 Top 5 problems with vinyl liner pools1. Ugly steps and benches2. Ugly coping3. Metal vs. polymer walls4. Liner longevity5. Floating linerThis video also answ..

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Thicker pool liners do not typically last any longer than the industry standard 20 Mil vinyl liner. Typically 15 years is about the average replacement age of all in-ground pool liners. The warranty is exactly the same on all Rectangle Replacement Pool liners from Pool Warehouse, which is 20 years A question we often get is do you need to put sand under an Intex pool? The best way would be to use a few inches of gravel and then 2 or 3 inches of sand. However, Intex does not recommend this as the sand could wash away. So I would stick with compacted soil. Making sure there are no rocks Fixing holes in the stock tank pool liner. We had noticed last summer that water had appeared to seep through the liner and was trapped between the tank and the liner. During the winter that had gotten even worse. So we needed to find the holes that let the water escape. To our horror, we noticed a ton of small holes

Sean H., 11/1/2010. Apart from corrosion and bather irritation, low pH in a vinyl pool can cause the liner to absorb excessive amounts of water and lead to wrinkle formation. In addition, low pH readings will make the chlorine more aggressive and this, in turn, could accelerate the bleaching of the color No matter your needs, Family Leisure has an above ground pool for you. Above Ground Swimming Pools range in cost, from $1500 and up. The price differs based on shape and size, so you can find the perfect above ground swimming pool for your backyard that is within your budget. You want the best above ground pool for your home Creating a small rock waterfall using a flexible pond liner does not have to be a back-breaking project. If the landscape doesn't have a natural slope, construct one. With a few supplies, you can.

Blue Slate Above Ground Pool Liner PFX. Starting at: $ 159.00 - $ 455.00. Out of stock. Select options 18' X 36' Oval Rock Island Overlap Pool Liner Discount on 18' X 36' Oval Rock Island Overlap Pool Liner and get fast shipping on best promotion today. All of our liners are made using the exclusive clear lamination process for the very best protection available from pool chemicals and the sun's damaging ultraviolet rays Doheny's Pool Supplies Fast has Free Shipping on orders over $100! This not only covers our brand name chemicals, but also our most popular swimming pool supplies. We do have a shipping charge of only $9.99 for orders under $100.00. For certain products, a freight charge may be applied. Next Day Delivery Detail Gorilla Pad. sku# NL119. Gorilla Pads are pre-cut floor pads designed to protect and cushion the bottom of above ground pools. Unlike old pool foam padding, which can be easily be cut or pierced by grass, roots, or rocks under your above ground pool liner, Gorilla Bottom pool floor padding is impervious to almost any sharp object (4) The folds in the pond liner are left as they are created when the liner is placed in the excavation site. (5) The loose rock is continued up into the waterfall and expanding black foam is injected into the areas under and around the waterfall spill rock to prevent water from running under the rocks rather than the preferred path over the.

However, the material is meant to stop anything, such as a rock or root, from coming up from the bottom under the pool's liner and punching a hole in the pool's fool, for this the type of material and size is perfect. It is not meant to be a cushion and it does appear thin; because, it is thin; however, it is not the thickness but rather, the. The last decade we have used gravel as our source of backfill with all of the pools that we install. Here are a few reasons we prefer gravel above all others. 89 stone is used as the base to set the pool on and backfilling the step and seating areas of the pool. It's smaller size is great for filling in those tight areas that may try to leave a. I installed a 21 X 43 foot AG pool 2 1/2 years ago. It has a sand base under the liner and the sand has all sorts of irregularities and bumps and along with the sand cove also breaking down it is a nightmare to clean and looks bad on a nice sunny day to boot. I want to drain and remove the liner, which also has many wrinkles, and put in some sort of firmer base The Fix: T-Lock or Liner Lock is a often a simple answer for fixing this type of problem. Learn more at our What is T-Lock page and for cost and ordering information see T-Lock Prices.Also, next time you are in the market for a new pool liner, consider a custom pool liner made to your pool's exact dimensions for superior fit, quality, and longevity

Inground Liners. Replacement Liners. FAQs. Accessories & Installation. Above Ground Liner Accessories. Liner Accessories for Kayak® & Fanta Sea™ Pools. Inground Liner Accessories. Liner Leak & Patch Kits. Clearance Save loads of money by installing your own swimming pool liner! Find the perfect pool liner at InTheSwim.com or like many of our customers, order your vinyl liner over the phone. Customer service representatives are ready to help you get the right liner, and ship it to you fast. Give our helpful pool product experts a call today at 1-800-288-7946 I haven't seen moles damage liners much to the point of needing replacement, but I have seen them cause extensive damage to a nice smooth above ground pool bottom. Getting rid of them is almost impossible and preventing them from burrowing under the pool's liner is really difficult too We've been selling pools online for over 20 years and we've got the expertise to help answer all of your questions. If you need help building a quote on one of our Small Pools or Plunge Pool Kits or just have a general swimming pool related questions, please feel free to give us a call at 1-800-515-1747 or send an email, sale@poolwarehouse.com

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I do, however, recommend that you put down landscaping plastic before you spread out the rock. Weeds, grass and other growth need to be kept away from the pool so the roots do not grow under it and come up through the liner. The plastic around the pool will help to prevent growth and would also protect the sidewall. This page might also be helpful Border the pool. The bottom of an above ground should be maintained on the outside all the way around. Start there by creating a border of some kind at least a foot away from the bottom track. There are many borders to choose. I have seen timber, stone, concrete, and plastic ones. Add decorative rock or mulch in this area

GLI's Carolina with Mystic Light Blue 28/20 mil thick In Ground pool liner. $739.99 - $1,782.99. GLI. Quick view View Options. Remove from GLI's Panama with Mystri White 20 mil thick In Ground pool liner. $599.99. $569.99 - $1,589.99. GLI. Out of stock. Quick view Out of stock. Remove from. Compare. Compare Items All of our vinyl pool liners come with a 20-year warranty and are 100% manufactured in the USA. Our swimming pool liner patterns (regardless of mill) are made from 100% virgin vinyl, making them highly resistant to tearing, puncturing and cracking, even in temperatures down to -45° F. Also all of the inks used on our swimming pool liner. This is important, because pool lights will reveal all the imperfections under the liner. Lenz recalls a minor eyesore in the pool that he had lived with for years. When it came time to replace the liner, he was easily able to file down the blemish. Concrete, on the other hand, would require a grinder and no small amount of skill and experience

8. Use shop vacuum to push air under the liner - If none of the above works, you can drain your pool and use a shop vacuum in reverse, placing the hose between the liner and pool wall, then start vacuum. This pushes air between the liner and pool wall, pushing wrinkles out of the liner If your pool has a 48 or a 52 wall, it uses the same liner, just trim off the excess. Beaded Liners are made with a special bead at the top of the liner which snaps into a channel (Bead Receiver) at the top of the pool wall. This liner can be used to replace other beaded liners without additional equipment

Sand is used under an aboveground pool to protect the pool's vinyl liner from rocks and objects that could tear the liner. Also, sand under an aboveground pool acts as cushioning for its floor, making it more comfortable for feet. The standard depth of sand that should be used under an aboveground pool's floor is 2 inches To choose a vinyl liner pattern for your new inground pool or to enhance your existing pool, call the swimming pool professionals at Swim Shack Inc., featuring Craftworks Swimming Pool Liners, Swim Shack is an authorized dealer. Choose from vinyl pool liner pattern combinations ranging from soft pastels to opulent jewel tones This is the type of pool bottom most commonly used by pool installers. Pre-mix vermiculite is easy on the pool liner, it is firm but has a soft texture to it. It can also prevent underground water issues from occurring under the liner. Pool Base or Pool Mix is one of the easiest pool floors to apply, and forms a hard and permanent pool bottom. $$$

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The standard gauge for an above ground pool liner is 20 ga, yet you can upgrade to a thicker vinyl liner for increased durability and puncture resistance. In The Swim liners are made in the USA, with a quality control process that ensures a defect rate of below 0.1%; above ground pool liners that you can count on for season after season If your liner is being installed on a new above ground pool, you should have completed creating the cove at this point. The cove is a wedge of sand or pre-formed foam that keeps the liner from slipping under the pool wall and also provides a protective layer between the liner and the metal frame of the pool

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Begin by cleaning the filter as this can harbor mold spores, making all your work to get rid of black mold for nothing as the problem will simply return to the pool because it will live on in the filter. If your pool uses a sand filter, replace the sand. Step 3 - Remove Mold. Be aware that a vinyl sided pool will need to be treated more delicately Do you have a new replacement swimming pool liner that needs to be installed? The pool experts at LinerWorld (http://www.linerworld.com) are here to show you.. 1. Use synthetic liner to smooth out the bottom and sides of the pool. Place the liner tight to the bottom and sides of the pool. Cut the liner to fit the sides correctly, making sure it sits right at the top line of the pool. Line both the main pool and the hole for the water zone so they are protected The sand appears to erode at the same location, causing liner failure. This will be the last attempt, so we are hoping to create a highly stable surface. The current underlayment is pool sand. However, the liners are continually failing. Current liner is 25 mil thick. I am planning to purchase a 30 mil thick vinyl liner in a week or so This will keep the roots from getting under the pool liner which can cause channels in the liner. If you're looking for maximum benefit then go with a bigger crushed stone like 3/4 inch - 1 and 1/4 inch in size. Try and avoid acid washed stone as this will get acid on the wall and rust if quicker than Mother Nature ever could

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Seal between a pool liner and the face plates or fittings Use as thread sealant or seal small suction side plumbing leaks; Quick Set Pool Putty. Quick set pool putty is a one-time use product that includes resin and hardener together in a single tube. This helps ensure ratios of resin and hardener are correct, but it does not come in large. Push it down behind the liner a few feet, about a foot above the floor. Use duct tape to seal up where the hose goes behind the liner, and to seal up the skimmer lid or a pool light cord. If all air leaks are sealed, in under a minute the Cyclone will pull the liner tight against the walls and floor 12' X 24' Oval Pool deals. Search this site. Home. 1 HP Aqua Flo Center Discharge 2-SPD (115v) 1 HP Aqua Flo Side Discharge 2-SPD (115v) 1 HP Aqua Flo TMCP (115v) 1 HP Premier 1.5 Spa Pump - 1 Spd (115/230v) 1 HP Premier 1.5 Spa Pump - 2 Spd (115/230v) 1 HP Premier 2 Spa Pump - 1 Spd (115/230v V-Bead pool liners have a V (J-Hook or U) channel made from a very heavy material at the top edge of the liner. The V channel mounts to the top of the pool wall. V-Bead liners are simple to install and can be used to replace overlap pool liners without any additional equipment! Available in Round and Oval sizes for 48, 52 and 54 walls

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The 6 - 8 inch cove will keep the liner from slipping under the above ground pool wall and provide a protective layer between the liner and the metal frame of above ground pools. The sand is beveled to form a 45 degree wedge along the entire inner circumference of above ground pool walls Our Stay-At-Home Pick: CoolJam PRO. For over a decade, the CoolJam PRO has been a staple for backyards around the globe. This basketball setup will keep you active in the water for hours while you work on your range, come up with creative shots, or participate in slam dunk contests. Simple, modular, and adjustable, the CoolJam PRO is extremely.

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A pool liner can be made out of materials other than vinyl, such as fiberglass, but those are usually constructed for inground commercial pools that get a lot of heavy use. Most pools, especially above ground pools, have vinyl liners. And the pool liner is there to retain the water in the pool and look nice at the same time. That's really it Custom Inground Pool Liner. Price: $600.00. Add to Cart. Buy in monthly payments with Affirm on orders over $50. Learn more. #igp_liner Once more product arrives in August, we may be able to sell them as stand-alone liners again. In order to sell a pool, it needs a liner, so we must retain a certain number of liners to sell with the pools we have in our warehouse. OK. Call Sales at 888-277-7665 . Customer Service System Family Leisure offers a large selection of inground pools and supplies. From pool pumps and filters to liners and ladders we have it all at the best..

We sell and ship pool equipment to any address in the contigent 48 states for FREE.We can help you get your pool filters, pumps, above ground pools, heaters, safety covers, inground pool liners and above ground pool liners installed in many places in Florida only.If you are in Central Florida or areas including Orlando, Tampa, Daytona Beach, Ocala, Jacksonville and Miami, it's likely we can help The Shark nation is one of the best-designed pool liners. It also has a 25-year warranty just like any other pool liners. The pool liners above ground are suitable for 48, 52 and 54 pool walls. It has got UV protection from the damaging rays of the sun. The construction of this pool liner is Lap Seam Frequently Asked Questions on Planning and Constructing a Pond Q. Where is the best place for me to put a pond? Viewing from windows: Since most of us spend more time inside our homes than outside in our garden, it makes the most sense to locate the pond where you can see and enjoy it from the window(s) or room(s) you frequent most, such as your kitchen, sun room, family room or deck Intex 26723EH 15ft x 42in Prism Frame Above Ground Swimming Pool Set with Debris Cover, Ladder, and 120V 1,000 GPH Cartridge Filter Pump. Intex. 4.1 out of 5 stars with 21 ratings. 21. $726.99. reg $1,115.99. Sale. Sold and shipped by Spreetail. a Target Plus™ partner PoolDeals.com provides the best deals on swimming pool supplies, pool equipment, swimming pool liners, covers, parts and accessories. We offer products for above and in-ground swimming pools, such as solar covers, pool cleaners, chemicals and more. Contact us at 1-800-768-1049 today Visit our blog for 20+ years of swimming pool and supplies knowledge. 15 49.0138 8.38624 arrow 1 bullet 1 6000 1 0 fade https://blog.thepoolfactory.com 300 4000 1 America's Above Ground Pool Expert