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The Story of Moses 1. The Story of Moses By Prep S 2. The Hebrew people went to live in Egypt. 3. They were slaves. They were sad because they had to work really hard. 4. The King of Egypt made a new rule - all Hebrew baby boys were to be killed. 5. A baby boy was born. His Mum and sister made a basket for him. 6 Birth of Moses. The Prince Becomes a Shepherd. Moses Flees to Midian, The Burning Bush. Moses, the Plagues, Passover. Israel Leaves Egypt. Wilderness Wanderings. The 10 Commandments & the Golden Calf. The Tabernacle. See Also: Exodus-Deuteronomy. For Kids. The Story of Moses. For Teachers. Moses mini story coloring books to print out. A Look at.

3. INTRODUCTION Moses was a prophet that was born in XIV b.C. and died in XIII b.C. He spent most of his life in Egypt but in the end he went to Jordania. 4. LIFE OF MOSES EARLY LIFE The Pharaoh commanded to kill all the israeli babies. Moses´ mother left him in the river to save her child Story of Moses. Story of Moses Moses in a basket Moses s mother says goodbye Egyptian princess found Moses She adopts Moses God talks through a burning bush Ten plagues on - PowerPoint PPT presentation. PowerShow.com is a leading presentation/slideshow sharing website The Story of Moses and Exodus<br />The Exodus was a central event in Jewish history but was not written about until almost 250 years later. <br />As with all other stories in the Bible, Catholics approach its reading CONTEXTUALLY and with a critical eye.<br />We are not to focus on the details of the story, rather the religious truths. <br /> 6 For Kids. The Story of Moses. The Bible for Kids. For Teachers. Moses (lesson, chart) Moses and the Exodus (lessons, Year 1, Quarter 3) Moses - Burning Bush, Plagues, Ten Commandments. Moses - Slides for PowerPoint Presentations. Printout: Crossword Puzzle View slideshow Download image set Story Planner. Download story: Baby Moses. Choose the file type and the file format: PowerPoint. 4:3 ratio. Adobe PDF. 4:3 ratio. Apple Keynote. 4:3 ratio. JPEGs. 4:3 ratio. Cancel. Download Story Planner: Baby Moses. A free Story Planner PDF can be downloaded. It shows the images with a short description of.

The Story of Moses. The Ten Commandments. Moses and the Burning Bush. Plagues and Passover . Exodus from Egypt. Wilderness Wandering. The Tabernacle. For more links, lessons and loads of other goodies for teachers and kids, continue on to see what Mr. Donn has to offer on World Religions and World History. For Kids. Moses & the Burning Bus The Story of Moses for Kids (Bible Lessons) This page is the main index for our series of Bible lessons based on the life of Moses. In total, there are five lessons in these series with a preschool and elementary version of each. Be sure to see all our free materials that teach the ten commandments for children

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Moses Presentation (religion grade 11) 1. The Story of Moses By: Amanda Iliadis. 2. It was a time of great slavery in Egypt. The Pharaoh ordered his slaves to build him statues and buildings and courtyards and everything imaginable. But in a nearby Egyptian city, Pharaoh had his soldiers (who were not slaves), killing hundreds of innocent. Moses - Moses By Alyssa B. Facts According to the Book of Exodus, Moses was born in a time when his people, the Children of Israel, The PowerPoint PPT presentation: Moses and the Exodus is the property of its rightful owner. Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? If so, share your PPT presentation slides online with PowerShow.com Miriam and Moses. Moses: Groomed for Greatness. Moses - Leader of God's People. The Prince from the River. See Also: Moses. For more links, lessons and loads of other goodies for teachers and kids, continue on to see what Mr. Donn has to offer on World Religions and World History. For Kids. The Birth of Moses. Birth of Moses - Bible Story.

The text for each Bible story is written on the illustrated slides. You can just read along as you click the text. With titles like Adam and Eve, Ten Brothers, Baby Moses, Solomon, Daniel, The Birth of Jesus, and Paul's Travels you can give kids a wonderful visual presentation of the Bible. If you would like to purchase a DVD of the 100 Bible. About the 10 Commandments. 10 Commandments - Can You List Them All in Order? The Ten Commandments - Exodus 20: 1-17. 10 Commandments - An Introduction. 10 Commandments for Kids. The Ten Commandments - The Law of Moses. 10 Commandments - What is the Story behind Them? 10 Commandments - Words from the Heart to the Heart Lessons from the Life of Moses - PowerPoint PPT Presentation. Title: Lessons from the Life of Moses. 1. Walking in Son Light. Lessons from the Life of Moses. 2. Exodus 21-3. Now a man from the house of Levi went and took as. his wife a Levite woman

With this illustrated PowerPoint, you can introduce your children to the Moses bible story. Ideal for KS1 children, it can be used as an engaging centrepiece for a class discussion about the foundations of Christianity and Judaism.This PowerPoint is perfectly complemented by our Moses Sequencing Activity. Great for supporting children's learning, it tasks them with placing the events in the. In the Bible story, Moses heard the 10 Commandments from God. God then wrote them in stone tablets with his own finger. This is an important part of the story, and the illustrations will help children to understand and remember how Christians believe that God handed down the 10 Commandments to humans

Review: We are studying Moses and we learned about Moses and his brother Aaron going to Egypt and talking to Pharaoh about letting his slaves, the Israelites leave. Pharaoh said no, and then God sent the 10 plagues. They left Egypt and are wandering in the wilderness for 40 years. God sends them manna and quail to eat A Promise to Jehovah. About two months after leaving Egypt, the Israelites arrived at Mount Sinai and set up camp. Jehovah called to Moses, who went up on the mountain, and told him: 'I saved the Israelites. If they obey me and keep my laws, they will become my special people.'. Moses went back down and told the Israelites what Jehovah had.

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  1. Moses is a central figure in Judaism . He was the prophet who led the Hebrew slaves out of Egypt. He also helped them form a special relationship with God. Moses is important to Christianity and Islam too because of his role in communicating God's laws
  2. The story of Moses as a baby and how he was hid in the reeds in the Nile river. Pharaoh's daughter finds him in the river and adopts him into the king's palace. These activities books and graphics are FREE for use by families and non-profit organizations at home, school or church but may not be copied to other websites without written permission
  3. English Bible Activities Select stories #35-39 in the list for activities to accompany this Bible story. Spanish Bible Activities Select stoiesy #35-39 in the list for activities to accompany this Bible story. Read and hear the story of Under the Blood from Kids' Bible Stories See a flash presentation of the plagues on Egypt from Kids 4 Trut
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  5. moses the first five books -- look back from the death of moses -- all the way to the beginning of the world beginning. 30 a.d. 2011 a.d. 1400 b.c.. Moses The First Book GENESIS - Chapters 1-11 Creation of the world First human family Spread of evil World wide flood Division of humankind into nations and languages Creation of world 2500 B.C.
  6. The Story of Moses. Listen to this story of a man whose life was shaped by God for great things. God always had a plan for Moses and his people―even though it may have been hard to see at times. God has a plan for your life too. When you pray, ask God what that plan is. As you listen to the stories of Moses' life, listen for all of the.
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Aug 09, 2016 by Shreya Sharma in Bible Stories. This is the Story of Moses from Bible. A long long time ago, there was a small city called Goshen. There was a time when the rulers of the Egypt wanted to kill all the babies who were born in Goshen. A woman who lived there gave birth to a fine baby boy Children's Version. Does everyone remember the story of Joseph and his coat of many colors? This story takes place many, many years after Joseph - actually it happened about 200 years later! The people who were from the family of Joseph were called Israelites or Hebrews. As it happens there were more and more Israelites than ever before The Story of Moses (younger children) A Baby and a Basket (older children/teens) The Beautiful Baby Who Was Found in a River (older children/teens) Discussion Questions; Moses Leaves Egypt Read Exodus 2. Moses Flees for His Life (younger children) Moses Becomes a Shepherd (older children/teens) Why Moses Lived in the Wilderness (older children. The Lord instructed Aaron and Moses to go see Pharaoh once again and He told them, Tell Pharaoh to let my people go. If he refuses to let them go, I will plague the whole country with frogs. They did as God asked and Pharaoh once again refused to let the people go. So Aaron stretched out his hand over the waters of Egypt and the frogs came up. Here is an easy way to do that interactively. Today let's focus on a Bible miracle from the book of Exodus: The Miracle of Moses' Shining Face (Exodus 34:29-35) When Moses went up on Mount Sinai to meet with the Lord, he stayed their 40 days and 40 nights in God's presence, and God gave to Moses the 10 commandments on 2 tablets of stone.

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  1. Ministry-To-Children.com helps you tell kids about Jesus by providing age-appropriate Bible study material and Sunday School curriculum - all 100% free online.. We believe that God is the loving Father of all kids. It is HIS divine will that young people come to faith in Jesus Christ and find salvation through the Gospel and the work of the Holy Spirit to bring them to faith
  2. Moses' place; he thought he was just as good a man as Moses. 3. Korah and some of his friends (Dathan, Abiram, and On) convinced 250 leaders of the people that Moses needed to be replaced. They went to Moses and listed their complaints. They rebelled against Moses and Aaron's leadership (Numbers 16:11). God was very angry becaus
  3. Bible Fun For Kids. 2.4. Moses & the Red Sea Crossing. Thursday, May 25, 2017. Moses Crossing the Red Sea has several different parts to it that can be divided into separate lessons. I combine them only to be able to squeeze more Bible people into the year that we have the students. This is lesson 4 in the second quarter
  4. d and came after the Israelites with his army. As you read this story, pay attention to what God says and does for the Israelites to save them
  5. Providing context for the story of Moses, this PowerPoint begins by telling children of the enslaved Hebrews in Egypt. Your children will be able to develop an understanding of the Moses story, and how he came to save the Hebrews with the help of God, eventually founding the Ten Commandments. Moses is an important religious figure in Judaism.
  6. Moses and the Burning Bush - Free Bible lesson for kids. This week we will be studying the story of Moses and the burning bush. The passage is found in Exodus 2:11-4:31. Some of the main points we will focus on are-. God gives us second chances. We should obey God without excuses (Philippians 2:14-16). God equips and empowers us
  7. Bible Quiz for Kids: Moses Saves God's People. Can you pass this kids' Bible Quiz about Moses and how he saved God's people? Print this quiz and the answers. This quiz has been taken 4585 times, with an average score of 77.23% . Congratulations! You answered out of 5 correct, and scored % on this quiz

Moses and the Exodus for Little Kids This is the story of Moses' journey called The Exodus where he led all of the Israelites out of Egypt, across the Red Sea, to freedom in the wilderness. Before Moses led God's people out of Egypt, Pharaoh, the king of Egypt would not let the people go and they remained slaves God's Story: Moses. 8 years ago. Crossroads Kids' Club PRO. Moses was chosen by God to deliver the Israelites from slavery, but he didn't believe he could do it because he didn't realize he had a special place in God's family. Finally, he chose to trust that God would take care of him and lead him. You can find this story in Exodus 2-4 2:00. Bible Stories and Hits for Kids - 029 MOSES FACE IS GLOWING. Children Bible Story Movies. 22:10. Bible Stories - Old Testament_ Moses, the Last Victory and Jericho. nurtalotas batenyahu. 0:08. [PDF] Moses: Book 1: Moses Man of God Book 2: The Laws of Moses (The People's Bible) [Read] AmityChambers Quick Overview of Deuteronomy. 1-4 Moses repeats the history of the children of Israel, 5-26 Moses repeats the moral law (10 Commandments), the ceremonial law (sacrifices and offerings) and the civil law (judicial laws, dietary codes, punishments, etc.). 27-34 history of the the life of Moses and briefly about his death

Includes six short, attention-grabbing stories in both English and Spanish that young kids are sure to enjoy; these are Creation, Noah, Moses, David, Daniel and the Birth of Jesus. Created by Gold Quill; available to read online and download The Isralites then went to the prophet Moses with an appeal to God and repenting for their sins and asking for forgiveness. Moses prayed and God spoke to Moses telling him to make a bronze serpent or snake and set it on a pole. God told Moses that anyone who was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake on the pole would be healed and saved Teach the story of Moses and Reinforce it with these 5 Simple Objects and Craft Ideas (This was one of the original posts on this blog - It's now being updated for easier reading purposes). Today's bible crafts are centered around teaching the story of Moses. Moses wrote the first 5 books of the bible: Genesis, Exodus, Leviticus, Numbers, & Deuteronomy but teaching the event

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The story of Moses is a perfect, dramatic, and powerful example of just how far someone can go with God if they are willing to follow God fully and not be afraid to walk with His anointing. Burn this man's story into your memory banks - it is one of the most ultimate power stories in God that the world has ever seen James Herriot's Treasury of Inspirational Stories for Children is sure to be a hit with young animal lovers in need of a pick-me-up. The sweet stories in this anthology include Moses the Kitten, The Christmas Day Kitten, Blossom Comes Home, The Market Square Dog, and Smudge, the Little Lost Lamb. ~Click on the image to purchase the book from Amazon.com The story of Musa contains many points of guidance for mankind.It is repeatedly mentioned in the Quran that we should seek guidance from the Holy Book.In Surah Sad, Allah says the Quran is a blessed book revealed to Muhammad (PBUH), to be reflected upon and which serves as a reminder to people of understanding Moses parting the Red Sea Bible Story. Exodus xiv: 1 to xvi: 36. When the children of Israel came out of Egypt it was their aim to go at once to the land of Canaan, from which their fathers had come. The shortest road was that following the shore of the Great Sea, and entering Canaan on the southwest

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The Time of Moses. The birth of Moses occurred at the time when the Israelites, particularly the children, were viewed as a threat to the Pharaoh's power.The Israelite population continued to increase, and the Pharoah was afraid they might all become allies to the opponents of Egypt. Thus, an order was made, which would kill all the newborn Hebrew boys in the nation Follow Moses Need: A large walking stick Directions: Someone is the Leader (Moses) and carries a stick for his staff. Students follow Moses and do what Moses does. (Like Follow the Leader). Moses Crossing the Red Sea Game- A fun and simple board game for younger children reviewing the story of Moses from his birth to parting the Red Sea As I was preparing for my monthly podcast on Conversations with Mrs. Claus (www.thefamilyyak.com), I was going over my subject - Passover, which is fast approaching, and thinking about ways to talk about this Jewish holiday so that people of all faiths and spiritual backgrounds would find the podcast interesting. I realized that in the story of the Exodus, Moses really serves as quite an. Grades 3-4 Fall Quarter, Year 1 - The Book of Exodus and Moses. Join us as we study the Israelites oppression, Moses God's servant, the Pharaoh of Egypt, and the 10 Plagues and how God provides. Sunday School Bible Lessons for Kids

Moses. The Old Testament prophet Moses (ca. 1392-ca. 1272 B.C.) was the emancipator of Israel. He created Israel's nationhood and founded its religion. Moses was the son of Amram and Yochebed of the tribe of Levi. He was born in Egypt during the period in which the Pharaoh had ordered that all newborn male Hebrew children be cast into the Nile The story The story of Moses. According to the Bible, the descendants of Jacob had lived in Egypt for more than 450 years, during which time they grew into a nation: the nation of Israel

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The story of Moses and the Ten Commandments unfolds in Exodus 20:1-17 and Deuteronomy 5:6-21. Story Summary . Shortly after God delivered the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt by crossing the Red Sea, they traveled through the desert to Sinai where they camped in front of Mount Sinai. Also called Mount Horeb, Mount Sinai is a very. It's a very important area, girls, in our homes, and with our friends, and with our children. You see, Moses' credibility as a leader was at stake if this rebellion spread, and Moses wasn't going to do anything about it. Look at Numbers 12:3. Now Moses was a very humble man, more humble than anyone else on the face of the earth Kindergarten-Grade 1-- The story of how baby Moses was hidden in a basket of bulrushes and sent floating down the river to protect him from the cruel Pharaoh is retold for beginning readers. The book is physically attractive; there is an appealing and appropriate balance between the illustrations and the text

Take the Quiz: The Biblical Story of Moses. There was much more than commandments and manna in the life of Moses, a patriarch of the Hebrews. Test your knowledge with this quiz, based on the NIV Life Application Bible Moses commanded the children of Israel to keep their lamps burning continuously (Leviticus 24:2). Jesus commanded His children to let their light shine continuously before men (Matthew 5:15-16). Moses' brethren criticized and challenged Him. (Numbers 12:1-2). Jesus' brethren criticized and challenged Him

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Our lesson this week looks at the story of baby Moses. The passage is found in Exodus 2. Consider telling the story by a local river to help your child visualise the scene. Some of the main points we will examine today are: Families and caring for each other. God watches over us and protects us. Baby Moses (A4 British) pdf. Baby Moses (USA) pdf The Story of Moses. Sort these sentences into the correct order to retell the story. God said he was angry about how the Egyptians treated the people of Israel. The King's daughter found basket in the river. Inside the basket was a baby But this is a story about how God can protect His own chosen people, even during evil times like this. Read Exodus 2:1-10 (The story of the birth of Moses) Discussion Questions: 1. Instead of throwing Moses into the Nile, what did his mother do with him for the first three months of his life? (She hid him.) 2

Both relate Bible stories in a way that our children enjoy and are perfect lengths for their attention spans. For additional fun with Baby Moses Activities we like the Veggie Tales version of the story of baby Moses which you can find on Veggie Tales: Heroes of the Bible 3 Great Stories about Moses, Miriam and Joseph After Moses died, God began to speak to Joshua. God's first words to Joshua were a reminder of what Joshua already believed about God. He said, My servant Moses is dead. Now then, I want you and all of these people to get ready to go across the Jordan River. I want you to go into the land I am about to give the people of Israel

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The stories contained in this book offer God's hope within the darkness. You and your kids will read stories of hope in the lives of Old Testament heroes like Noah, Sarah, Moses, Ruth, David, Elijah, and Isaiah. You will reflect on the life and resurrection of Jesus and the many healing miracles he performed as well as the hope-filled. Moses is known as both a religious leader and a lawgiver. In Islam, Moses is loved and respected; he is both a Prophet and a Messenger. God mentions him more than 120 times, and his story ranges across several chapters. It is the longest and most detailed story of a prophet in the Quran and is discussed in elaborate detail Summary: Moses was considered to be THE great leader of the Children of Israel; but underneath it all, he was just an ordinary person like you or me, with ordinary fears and trepidation. 'But God chose the foolish things of the world to shame the wise; God chose the weak things of the world to shame the strong

Moses grew to be a big, strong boy. His mother taught him to love God. Then he went to the palace to live with the princess. Moses learned many things in the palace. When he became a man, God chose him to be a great leader of his people. Moses had a hard job to do. But he always could say. MOSES: God is my helper. God will take care of me Moses He had chosen him to deliver the children of Israel out of Egypt and bondage. He directed Moses to lead the Israelites into Canaan, the land He had promised to give to Abraham's seed. A. THE BURNING BUSH 1. _____Moses kept the flock of his father-in-law Jethro a. milk and honey who was the priest of (3:1) b. holy 2 Discuss how loving God was to Moses, letting Moses at least see the beautiful land that God had promised His people. ACTIVITY: A Beautiful Picture of the Promised Land (Tear Art) Materials needed: 12 x 18 yellow construction paper for each child, all those scraps of different colored paper that you have been saving, cotton batting, glue.

Moses, however, preparing for his end, gave authority to his younger assistant Joshua. He then delivered a series of orations to the Israelites, pleading with them to love and serve Jehovah. At the age of 120 [3] , after composing his 'Song of Moses' and blessing the Israelite tribes, Moses headed out, by himself, to ascend Mount Nebo on. The Wandering in the Wilderness Deuteronomy 2:7 - For the LORD thy God hath blessed thee in all the works of thy hand: he knoweth thy walking through this great wilderness: these forty years the LORD thy God hath been with thee; thou hast lacked nothing. The Old Testament - A Brief Overview The Wilderness Wanderings . From Sinai, God led the Israelites through the great and terrible. A little booklet for children to retell the story of baby Moses. Tes classic free licence. Reviews. 4. Something went wrong, please try again later. Rpeake. 5 years ago. report. 4. To introduce new topic of 'Leaders' with Y1/2. Looking at the life of Moses and how he became a Leader. Empty reply does not make any sense for the end user. Moses writes these laws down. God also gives Moses the two flat stones. On these, God himself has written the 10 laws that he spoke to all the people. They are called the Ten Commandments. The Ten Commandments are important laws. But so are the many other laws that God gives the Israelites. One of these laws is: 'You must love Jehovah your. Enjoy our free Bible crossword, Red Sea Crossing. Fun for kids to print and test their knowledge of Moses, Pharaoh, the Egyptian army, the Exodus, and how the Israelites fled the land of Egypt. Simply right-click the crossword and save to your computer. Feel free to share with others, too

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The amazing story of Lazarus (John 11:1-44). When their brother Lazarus fell gravely ill, Martha and Mary send word to Jesus the only man they know who can help. However Jesus does not return in time and Lazarus dies. When Jesus does arrive he feels deep compassion for the grieving family and commands Lazarus to rise from the dead! With this amazing slideshow you'll have all the resources you. Tabernacle: tent of meeting. Sacrifice: giving something up that has value to you. Lesson -. God wanted to live amongst the people he had saved from Egypt. But of course for the God of all creation to live with a wandering tribe of people took some special consideration. God instructed Moses to build a tent, so His dwelling would be mobile

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Teaching Kids To Act On Their Faith! Your donation to the site, even the smallest amount, will help us distribute our children's ministry resources to churches across the world. Subscribe to our Newsletter - Learn More DISCIPLES, RECYCLES? - A humorous, two-person or two-puppet presentation concerning what it means to be a disciple Bible For Children exists to make Jesus Christ known to children by distributing illustrated Bible stories through: the Web, Cell Phone/PDAs, printed color tracts and coloring books, in many languages The Passover Story for Kids This short, adapted version of the Passover story conveys the main themes and plot points of Exodus in an easy to understand, child-friendly, manner. For another take on the story, you can also listen to the short Passover mini-sode of PJ Library's podcast, Have I Got a Story For You Teacher narrates the story. Children play the parts of God, Moses, Joshua, Caleb and the ten spies * Make binoculars Materials: 2 toilet paper tubes for each child, hole punch, stapler, wool, stickers, markers or crayons. Staple each pair of toilet paper tubes together. Put one hole in each side near the top

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My grand kids love this DVD. I got many more bible story DVD's in the set and they love each one. They pick one out as we drive to church. They sing the songs and know each of the stories. What a wonderful idea to teach the bible stories to the young ones!!!! I recommend it highly!! Moses (1391-1271 BC) - An Egyptian prince who became the leader and prophet of the Jewish people - taking them from slavery in Egypt across the Red Sea to Mount Sinai. On Mount Sinai, Moses received the Ten Commandments, which form an important basis of the Old Testament and the Torah. The life of Moses is subject to historical debate

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Each volume helps kids explore more of God's awesome story. In addition to Baby Moses and Jonah and the Whale, this volume includes episodes covering Old Testament stories such as Crossing the Red Sea, Brave Deborah, Naomi and Ruth, and David and Goliath. Animated scripture retellings bring each story to life for kids 3-10 The Easter Story is available here in two versions. New Testament Stories are now here! Bible Story Word mats: click the links below the image. Available for David and Goliath,Jonah and the Big Fish and The Story of Noah. Additional resources for 'The Story of Noah': click the links below for the activities

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The story of the Jewish people 3,000 years ago, living as slaves in Egypt. The story shows how the Pharaoh refused to set the Jewish people free until God sent ten plagues. A Jewish lady then. Jochebed Mother of Moses. Jacob, his sons, and their families had gone into Egypt to live because there was a severe famine in their land, and they were able to find food in Egypt. Joseph, Jacob's son, was a ruler in Egypt at that time and the children of Jacob (Israel) were treated kindly. Years passed 5 Leadership Lessons from the Bible: Moses. Moses listened to his father-in-law and did everything he said. So Moses chose able men from all Israel and made them leaders over the people as commanders of thousands, hundreds, fifties, and tens. They judged the people at all times; they would bring the hard cases to Moses, but they would judge. The Children's Bible History. The Children of the Bible. The Bible for Children. Kindergarten Bible Stories: The Old Testament Adapted for Little Children. Tell Me a True Story: Tales of Bible Heroes for the Children of To-day. Bible Stories for Primary Classes: Old Testament. Bible stories: King Saul to the Babylonian exile

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But Moses said to God, Who am I that I should go to Pharaoh and bring the children of Israel out of Egypt? [12] He said, But I will be with you, and this shall be the sign for you, that I have sent you: when you have brought the people out of Egypt, you shall serve God on this mountain. Exodus 3:11-12 ES Moses for Kids. Help children learn about how God used Moses to deliver the Israelites from Egypt with this engaging Sunday School story. We have a 10 plagues of egpyt activity, moses red sea craft, Pharoah, Pharoah song, and so much more!This moses for kids lesson is great for preschoolers, kindergartners, grade 1, grade 2, and grade 3 students. . Whether you use the moses crossing the red. By: Sogi, Levi, 1957-Description: A story about a class field trip where the children are investigating the stories of Samoa's history. Motu o le fee ma le meavaai a sekoa / tala ma ata tuisa ma saunia e Levi Tavita for kids, adults, and students. Try It. we put the gospel at the center of everything. preschool. kids. students. adults. it's more than a story—it's good news! The Gospel Project is a weekly Bible study that helps all ages dive deep into the big story of the Bible—God's plan to rescue His people through His Son, Jesus Christ The biblical story of the great man is full of contradictions and puzzles. Unlike the story of Joseph which has a discernable beginning, middle and end, Moses' narrative is scattered and disjointed. At first we are led to believe that he is a first child; only for it to be revealed later that he has older siblings