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  1. There are a number of potential causes of blurry vision after SMILE, or indeed after any other eye surgery including LASIK, PRK, cataract surgery and so on
  2. This is why the professionals at Young H. Choi, M.D. Eye Surgery Center educate patients about the recovery process for SMILE vision correction. The good news is that side effects, like blurry vision, only last about a week. So, what is SMILE laser eye surgery, and what should you expect after treatment
  3. SMILE laser eye surgery side effects SMILE uses some of the more advanced technology in the industry, requiring a special femtosecond laser to reshape the cornea. The new corneal shape allows light to refract more effectively on the retina. Blurry vision due to nearsightedness and astigmatism is greatly reduced
  4. Laser Eye Surgery + Blurry Vision. Q&A. There are currently 36 Laser Eye Surgery + Blurry Vision questions and doctor answers on RealSelf. My left eye number according to auto machine says -0.5 after 4 months of reLEx Smile of both eyes. Advice
  5. ed your eye and said that there is nothing wrong, you probably have to wait for gradual recovery over the next few weeks. 11K view
  6. Ok its been 15 days after my relex smile surgery my left eye vision is sharp and crisp but during night when is street light the light are lil foggy and in my right eye my vision is not sharp and crisp i my right eye has blurred vision its not that i cannot see with my right eye but it doesn't give a 100% feel when i try to test my both eyes and my left eye is crisp clear and my right eye isn.

Here are some causes of blurry vision following vitrectomy eye surgery. These are temporary causes and should resolve in a short time. There are other reasons that may blur your vision, but those reasons may be related to the particular eye disease for which we are operating. An Eye Patch Causes Blurry Vision Totaly normal. Had blurry vision for 3 to 4 weeks after smile. The time it takes to heal is not the same for everyone. And from my experience, spending time in front of screens like computer and especially smartphones can slow down recovery It has not been 6 months for me but I will update in time. Here is my experience with ReLEx SMILE thus far: Day 0 (pre-op) - I have -3.00 in right eye and -3.25 in left eye, corrected with glasses/lenses to 20/15 in both eyes. Day 1 - Slept after. Your vision may be blurry right after SMILE surgery. As you heal over the next few days and weeks, your vision will gradually improve. You can do most normal activities after a day or two. Avoid getting water in your eyes for a few days

Near vision was still blurry. I slept through the night. 1 Day after the procedure. I woke up and my distance vision seemed better although a bit blurry. (I have to sleep with these goggles that look like very thin ski goggles. They had fogged up a little bit in my sleep). After putting in some eye drops, things afar looked more clear During the recovery stage, patients will notice very gradual improvement of vision and may even feel like the vision is blurry and distorted at the initial stages. It is thus important to work closely with your eye doctor to better understand what the recovery and visual function of the eye will be like If your nearsightedness progresses after LASIK, your vision will start to get blurred. An Enhancement procedure may be needed to correct residual myopia. Farsightedness: Performing LASIK on farsighted patients is more challenging than nearsightedness. In most patients, farsightedness will increase with age

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LASIK + Blurry Vision Q&A. LASIK + Blurry Vision. Q&A. There are currently 562 LASIK + Blurry Vision questions and doctor answers on RealSelf. LASIK was 4 months ago - experiencing blurry vision, feel like something is in my eye. What is happening to me? My lasik surgery was about 4 months ago Blurry vision in right eye after Relex Smile. I underwent my Relex Smile surgery 3 weeks ago and my right eye is still blurry most of the time (especially indoors) and I am beginning to wonder if it will improve. When I apply artificial tears it clears up for a while but then quickly goes back to the foggy vision. I was told my prescription was. Its effects vary from person to person and will most likely occur during the first few months after surgery, with your vision stabilising over time. This may involve short periods of not being able to focus objects in the foreground or distance, or at times blurry vision

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  1. Meanwhile, recovery from ReLEx SMILE surgery is also usually very quick, but your vision could be slightly blurry for at least the first few days following treatment. On the other hand, if you have a LASEK treatment , your visual recovery is likely to be slightly slower and you'll also need to wear bandage lenses for 4-5 days
  2. g car headlights at night can cause light sensitivity (photophobia), resulting in blurry vision. This symptom, which occurs most often in patients with light-colored (blue or green) irises, can be managed with sunglasses or with a prescribed eye drop that reduces pupil size
  3. Question: I had LASIK and was told I may have a little reduction in my close-up vision. But after the procedure I basically can't see anything close-up. I can't see who is calling me on my iPhone and I can't tell the time on my watch
  4. d that depending on your pre-surgical vision, your LASIK recovery may take much.
  5. After a month of ReLex smile surgery I have perfect left eye and -1 power on my right. The doctor today said there is spasm in right eye because the difference of power in my eyes. It was 2.5 left and 8.5 right. I am happy with these results. Vision blurred after smile surgery 78 Views Hi, It's been 2 days since I had my relex smile eye.
  6. Some of the treatment options to correct the post LASIK blurry vision are: Wait and watch. The visual acuity improves gradually following LASIK surgery. This means the blurring of vision caused immediately after LASIK surgery should go away within first few days. It can take 4 months for clear vision to be established after the procedure
  7. Even though the vision recovery is immediate after Lasik surgery but it may take 3-6 months for complete vision stabilization, and full recovery after Lasik surgery. Rohan got Lasik surgery done at Hyderabad. Right after the surgery his office transferred him to Navi Mumbai office

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  1. After a cataract surgery, it is normal to have a blurry vision for a short duration (almost a day) and then the patient should be able to perform his/her daily life activities. Generally the blurry vision duration varies among people from few hours to a day. However, if it remains for a longer duration, then it is a matter of concern
  2. LASIK's Most Common After-Effects. In the two to three hours immediately after surgery, your vision will be blurry. Although your eyesight will greatly improve within 24 hours, you may still experience intermittent blurriness and fluctuations in your vision for some time as your eyes adjust to the reshaped cornea
  3. 2nd May 2016 3rd July 2017. My ReLEx® SMILE laser eye surgery experience. After several years of contemplating to have my eye sight corrected, I took the step in April 2016. I had the ReLEx® SMILE laser surgery performed on my eyes and already a couple of days after the procedure I can say that it totally changed my quality of life immensely

Patients can have 20/20 vision, but it can seem smeary or blurry to them. Having a poor tear film is like having a dirty windshield. Many times, people don't necessarily recognize their eyes as dry. They just notice that their vision fluctuates, and that it's blurry Hello and thank you for your question. I can understand how this may be quite unsettling for you to still have blurry vision 5 weeks after this surgery. Unfortunately, sometimes it can take several weeks to months before the vision starts to return to its baseline level; so while it is very frustrating, I'm sure, it is not entirely unexpected The benefits of SMILE eye surgery with Los Angeles Ophthalmologist Dr. Rex Hamilton: SMILE eye surgery uses a smaller incision than traditional laser vision correction, resulting in minimal disruption to the surface of the eye. Patients may experience less dry eye as compared to LASIK eye surgery. The SMILE procedure takes ten minutes or less

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During the surgery, a small flap of corneal tissue is created using a femtosecond laser. This flap is then lifted and folded back before a second excimer laser is used to reshape the underlying corneal tissue to correct your vision. Compared to SMILE surgery, LASIK patients may be more at risk for flap related complications after the surgery I had -5 on my left eye and -4.5 on my right. Lastly, it's great for people with dry eyes like me as both PRK/LASEK and LASIK are known to make your eyes drier for months after the surgery, while any possible dryness created through ReLEx-smile disappears much more quickly again. The only downside: it's the most expensive procedure, at €2000/eye CARL ZEISS MEDITEC PATIENT INFORMATION BOOKLET VISUMAX FEMTOSECOND LASER PAGE 8 What is the VisuMax SMILE Procedure? The VisuMax SMILE procedure is a surgical treatment for nearsightedness. A femtosecond (very fast, short-pulsed) laser makes cuts within the cornea, creating a disc Things to note after your ReLEx SMILE procedure. Right after your ReLEx SMILE procedure, your eyes may feel gritty and start tearing when the numbing effect wears off. This is normal and should go away within 2-3 days. Vision would also be slightly blurry, but 80% of vision should also return after 3 days

SMILE patients usually report little if any discomfort during or after the procedure. Your vision may be blurry for the first few hours following surgery, but you will notice rapid and significant improvement shortly afterward. Most patients' vision is good enough to drive or use a computer within four hours after surgery ReLEx SMILE: Step 7 & 8. ReLEx SMILE: Step 9. Your vision will be blurry immediately after the surgery. But your vision will clear up the next day, and continue to get less blurry in the next few days. It will take just 2 days for your eye to heal and for the blur to go away, after which you can resume your day to day activities and go back to.

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  1. Differences Between LASIK & SMILE Eye Surgery. LASIK and SMILE are similar vision correction procedures and provide the same results (20/20 vision). The main difference between LASIK and SMILE is that SMILE does not use an excimer laser to remove the corneal tissue
  2. utes. Significant improvement can also be observed over the next few days, after which you should achieve perfect vision. Benefits of ReLEX SMILE. The technology behind ReLEX surgery is.
  3. PRK/LASEK, LASIK, and ReLEx SMILE are three types of laser corrective eye surgery used to treat refractive errors like nearsightedness. While LASIK is the most common form of laser eye surgery, PRK is a type of LASEK surgery that can be a great option for people not eligible for LASIK. ReLEx SMILE is one of the newest technologies to treat significant myopia
  4. Question. It's been 10 days of my I lasik in both eyes I had high power - 5.00 in both eyes but now after lasik although I can see 20/20 from my right eye but in left eye I see blurred I had a big clot on up of my left eye which is touching the iris may be that's the reason for the blurredness kindly advise the surgeon says it takes 3 months to stabilize vision but I heard next day u can.

Can You Have Halos and Glare a Long Time After LASIK? It is certainly possible that you might still have halos and glare a long time after LASIK surgery. A lingering refractive problem as a result of overcorrection or undercorrection is usually what causes this. Astigmatism can lead to blurry vision and halos Dizziness and blurred vision can be triggered by various conditions, a reaction to medication and even stress. Whether symptoms are mild or severe, it is important to pinpoint what may have caused dizziness or blurry vision to occur. Depending on the underlying cause, occurrences of blurred vision and dizziness are often accompanied by nausea, headache and light-headedness, among other symptoms We understand you may have SMILE questions, and we are here for you! If you are researching SMILE eye surgery, check out the most frequently asked questions about ReLex SMILE we hear from our patients. Then, either schedule your Kugler Vision consultation online, or call us at 402-558-2211

ReLEx SMILE laser eye surgery poses very few risks to patients, and the side effects are minimal, even compared to other types of laser eye surgery procedures. In the vast majority of cases, the only side effects will be those expected from the procedure, such as blurred vision and halos seen around light sources during the healing process A study of more than 400 radial keratotomy patients published in 1994 found that 10 years after having the procedure, 85% of people had 20/40 vision or better. Even more impressive, 53% of them. Immediately after Laser Eye Surgery, a patient will be able to see without the need for glasses but in the hours and days after treatment, vision can appear blurred at random intervals as the eye heals and begins to adjust to its new focusing power. Don't worry, as this vision blurriness will resolve once your eyes get used to the surgical. SMILE is the only technique available in the world where laser surgery is performed without using any blade and without having to make and lift a corneal flap. The combination of precise refractive femtosecond laser technology and lenticule extraction marks the start of a new era in refractive surgery

My eyes seem to strain, one eye blurry after LASIK: Treat the eye with clear vision!! Yesterday I examined two patients with this same complaint. One was from another practice who came for second opinion, the other was in for a LASIK enhancement. Both patients measured 20/20 vision in both eyes Blurry vision is a common characteristic that patients experience immediately after the LASIK eye surgery. In the majority of the cases, people who undergo the procedure are able to see perfectly the next day after a day of the surgery, however, the vision may still be a little blurry for the next week or so A 34-year-old presents with blurred vision after refractive surgery. Presentation. One case study described two patients who presented with subjective blurry vision following SMILE, with the slit lamp exam demonstrating a corneal opacity at the SMILE interface site in both patients. Subsequent OCT imaging found both patients to have an.

Join Date: Mar 2015. Location: Elizabthtown KY. Posts: 3. Blurry vision 6 months post PRK. I had PRK on September 26 2014 from a nationwide chain, exactly 6 months from today. I only had 20/40 in one eye and 20/50 in the other but for my career I have to have perfect vision. Even after the stated healing time of 2 months I was having issues. Depending on factors like particular treatment, expected recovery rate, and if you have a morning, afternoon, or evening procedure, most patients take around two days off — the day of the surgery and the day after. This is generally the case if you have LASIK, ReLEx SMILE, or PRESBYOND® Laser Blended Vision. If you have LASEK/PRK, it can. Small-incision lenticule extraction (SMILE) was introduced 7 years ago, and last year Carl Zeiss Meditec announced that 1 million eyes have been treated to date. 1 However, the patient's ocular journey does not end after laser refractive surgery. Just like patients who have undergone LASIK or PRK, patients who undergo SMILE may need cataract surgery as they age The majority of vision changes you will experience after your LASIK procedure will occur within the first couple of days but your vision will continue to change for the next several weeks and months. Minor fluctuation in your vision is normal. Note that it can take anywhere from 3 to 6 months for your vision to completely stabilize What Happened to My Near Vision? Written by Dr. David Evans Last modified on April 22, 2019. Presbyopia is an age-related condition that causes diminished near vision for people generally 40 years and older. Many presbyopic-aged LASIK patients — who are nearsighted — don't realize that after LASIK, they will need to start using reading glasses to see things up close

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11. Is the result of ReLEx SMILE surgery permanent? Yes, ReLEx SMILE surgery will correct your vision permanently. The surgery is not meant to be reversible. After the Femtosecond laser permanently laser-cuts a lenticule within your cornea bed, your eye surgeon will then make a small incision at the side of your cornea and remove the lenticule SMILE surgery involves the use of one laser. The laser is used to make a tiny incision in the cornea and remove a small piece of corneal tissue, called a lenticule. The removal of the lenticule reshapes the cornea, thereby correcting vision. SMILE is a less invasive procedure than LASIK and PRK, as it creates the smallest incision LASIK Benefits: LASIK is highly effective, with more than 90% of patients achieving 20/20 vision and 99% with vision exceeding 20/40. 2. It has a patient satisfaction rate of 96%, the highest of any elective procedure, according to a study published in the Journal of Cataract & Refractive Surgery. 3. The surgery is quick, and so is recovery

Although you should see well the day after your procedure, it is possible and normal for your vision to be a bit blurry or hazy for one to two weeks. The higher your original prescription, the longer it will take for your vision to clear during your LASIK surgery recovery time My vision is now better than 20/20, which means that the surgery has corrected it to be better than when I used to wear glasses and I genuinely struggle to remember what life was like with spectacles By 1 year after the surgery, about 90% of people who get PRK achieve 20/20 vision. 95% of people get 20/40 vision or better. These surgeries work better for low to moderate farsightedness than high KAMRA® inlay is a LASIK alternative that helps end blurry near vision without monovision. Monovision means that one eye is focused for distance vision and one is focused for near vision. Although the eyes work together at any distance, monovision results in one eye being clear while the other is blurry

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Some vision fluctuation, sensitivity to light, and tearing or dryness is normal and part of the healing process. You may still need to use the artificial tears 3 weeks after your LASIK procedure, although you can slowly taper off them in the coming months. Learn about 3-6 months after LASIK eye surgery. Common night vision problems that sometimes develop after having Lasik include glare, halos, and starbursts, which can make driving at night difficult. Keep in mind, however, that it is normal for your night vision to be reduced for several nights after undergoing Lasik surgery. Many patients experience temporary night vision problems after.

Blurry Vision. As the cataracts reach the +2 to +2.5 level most notice blurry vision. For example, it would be common for patients to complain that they can't see signs when driving until they are right on top of them. At this stage, most that drive consider their cataract symptoms untenable and request cataract surgery After refractive surgery, most people have distance vision that is good enough to do most things well (for example, driving or going to the movies), although not everyone has perfect 20/20 vision without eyeglasses after the procedure. More than 95% of people do not need corrective lenses for distance vision blurry / worse vision after macular pucker surgery (Smile small incision lenticule extraction) surgery is done. Right after surgery, I noticed a batch in my central vision whenever i blinked (it'll go away after a second a so), doctor said that was blood, but its position does not change so I think probably the retinal was hurt from the. After a SMILE eye surgery, it is common and expected to have blurry vision for a few days. Typically, your vision will begin to progressively get clearer over a few weeks or months. There are also a few side effects that can occur after your surgery that could affect our vision initially, including: A glare/halo effect: This usually only occurs

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That is, specific objects may look blurry. This eye condition can affect people with both nearsightedness or farsightedness. Currently, SMILE eye surgery is only approved to help those with astigmatism dealing with nearsightedness, also known as myopia. The history of SMILE eye surgery for those with myopic astigmatism dates back to 2011 SMILE is now approved in the United States for treating myopia (nearsightedness) with astigmatism. Astigmatism usually occurs when the cornea of the eye is shaped more like a football, rather than a basketball. This football shape distorts vision and creates refractive errors. People with astigmatism have blurred vision if it is left uncorrected

Typically, patients feel no pain or discomfort during the procedure or recovery, and their vision is often 20/20 by the next day. According to a recent study of 328 people who underwent the SMILE procedure, all but one patient walked away with 20/40 vision or better after the surgery — and 88% had 20/20 or better At the eye doctor appointment 4 months post surgery I learned my blurry vision in the eye had gone down to a 1.5 astigmatism which is still big. My doc said to come back in another two months to decide if an enhancement should be done. Sure enough at that next appointment it was STILL BLURRY and 1.5 astigmatism It is an acronym standing for- Refractive Lenticule Extraction (ReLEx)- is a novel refractive surgery and the most recent, advanced laser vision correction procedure in the world. Many surgeons believe that this All-femto laser vision correction is the technique of the future. What is the cost of ReLEx SmILE laser eye surgery? [ Three months after surgery, however, glare, halos and double vision were common, affecting 50 to 60 percent of all patients, with up to 5 percent characterizing them as very or extremely.

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The very tiny SMILE incision can give the cornea more biomechanical stability after SMILE, compared with its capability to keep shape after LASIK. Ultimately, for the correction of immense amounts of nearsightedness, with LASIK there is more of a possibility of a patient requiring an enhancement procedure to achieve the clarity of vision wanted. Visual recovery after DMEK/DSAEK takes 1-4 weeks. Typically vision is poor in the first few days due to the air bubble. Vision begins to improve once the bubble is above the level of the pupil. Good vision can be expected a month after surgery. New glasses can typically be measured 6 weeks after surgery

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The recovery after SMILE is painless and SMILE causes less disturbance to the corneal nerves than LASIK and ASLA, so it is less likely that patients will experience dry eye or gritty sensations after surgery. Some light sensitivity and fluctuating vision in the first few weeks is also normal and will resolve Those undergoing SMILE or PRK will likely experience blurred vision the next day. It should be safe to rub the eyes 1 month after PCRI/AK and SMILE. When will my vision reach its full potential? Can I have cataract surgery after laser vision correction? Yes

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Most people's vision is 80% better only a few hours after getting SMILE. Within the next one to weeks, most patients notice a 100% improvement in their vision. If you're ready to wake up in the morning with clear vision, schedule your SMILE consultation! Contact Frantz EyeCare in Naples and Fort Myers today The primary purpose of SMILE eye surgery is to reduce a candidate's dependency on glasses or contact lenses. While it is true that the procedure may correct the vision without the further need of corrective lenses, this may not happen in all cases. The Surgery. SMILE eye surgery is a relatively simple procedure

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People with sudden blurry vision and one or more of the following symptoms of a stroke, should call 911 or go to their nearest emergency room: numbness or weakness in the face, leg, or arm, on one. Vision Regression After Lasik. To better understand the possibility of vision regression after Lasik, it helps to understand how Lasik works, what vision regression is, and how the human eye naturally changes over time. This information may make it easier for you to accurately envision the possible pros and cons of life after Lasik Eventually, after two to six weeks of recovery, the corneal surface will begin to smooth out which yields clearer vision. If both eyes are done at once, the patient will need to refrain from working or driving for a week. Compared to SMILE or LASIK, PRK has also been known to lead to a higher chance of discomfort after the surgery

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After SMILE, you can return to everyday activities, such as light exercise, household chores and using a computer, within a few days after surgery. Some tasks that require critical vision (e.g. reading fine print, driving at night) may be difficult during the first few days. On day five after surgery, when the eyes have fully recovered, all. You cannot drive yourself home after you've had LASEK or PRK. Your doctor will tell you to rest, wear sunglasses outside to avoid harming your cornea, and to use eye drops so your eyes don't get infected. You may feel pain and experience blurred vision for a few days after surgery. This is only temporary and will usually go away on its own SMILE eye surgery from ZEISS is the latest achievement in laser vision correction. This minimally invasive procedure is the most advanced refractive surgery to treat mild to severe nearsightedness and astigmatism. Unlike LASIK or PRK, SMILE does not require a corneal flap, which results in a faster less invasive procedure with potentially fewer. I was nearsighted (-3.25 in both eyes). After surgery I am still nearsighted (as of right now), only less so. I can read/see fine up close, but things in the distance are blurry. Blurry applies to distance vision (which is expected being nearsighted) but it also applies to close-up vision. In this context, blurry means the vision isn't crisp.

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What is laser eye surgery? Laser eye surgery is a common procedure that is performed to eliminate the need for corrective eyewear.. The are many benefits to have laser eye surgery over wearing eyeglasses or contact lenses. Laser eye surgeries, such as LASIK, PRK and SMILE are common procedures that alter the shape of the cornea for the correction of myopia (nearsightedness), hyperopia. As shown in Fig. 2d, the incidence of subjective symptoms (including eye dryness, blurred vision, foreign body sensation and eye soreness) in patients who underwent SMILE decreased over time after surgery. In contrast, the incidence in patients who underwent FS-LASIK slowly increased at 4 h after surgery but decreased at 24 h after surgery

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What about recovery after laser eye surgery? Immediately after the procedure. Most people having laser eye surgery at the Wellington Eye Centre will be able to leave the clinic 15-20 minutes after completion of the procedure. At this time, your vision will still be quite blurry, like looking through fog A Clear Look at the LASIK Flap. LASIK (laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis) is a popular refractive surgery that involves reshaping the cornea to correct instances of nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), and astigmatism and improve overall visual acuity. Since its approval from the FDA more than two decades ago, more than 30. General discomfort post-surgery which is also temporary; Blurry vision temporarily but immediately post-surgery; Haziness immediately post-surgery. All the above symptoms completely recover in the following day after surgery. The Facts of Lasik Benefits of Lasik Surgery. 98% of patients achieve their vision goals post-surgery SMILE laser eye surgery. SMILE (small incision lenticule extraction) is a laser vision correction surgery, similar to Lasik and known as Refractive Lenticule Extraction/RELEX. Smile surgery is used to treat mainly nearsightedness (myopia). In case of astigmatism, smile surgery can be used upto 5 Diopters. It is a bladeless treatment

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As for SMILE, 99% of people have 20/40 vision at their follow up appointment after 6 months, and 88% have a 20/20 vision. Nevertheless, there is a possibility that you still have to wear glasses or contact lenses after the surgery as you age. Possible risks and side effect You will be able to see immediately after the surgery. But as the surface cells heal back in the next few days, your vision will get blurry. It will take 5 days for the cells to fully heal and for the blur to go away, after which you can resume your day to day activities and go back to work. You will be given 5 days of medical leave

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Better Vision = Better Life. Tired of blurry vision? Get a life-changing treatment with no risks and numerous benefits that will dramatically improve your quality of life. Often most people achieve 20/20 vision or better after the surgery SMILE (SMall Incision Lenticule Extraction) is the the latest in laser vision correction for myopia (nearsightedness) and astigmatism, providing LASIK-like outcomes in a minimally invasive procedure. A laser is used to create a thin contact lens shape layer just beneath the surface of the eye and then a small opening through which that layer is. LASIK is a type of refractive eye surgery. In general, most people who have laser-assisted in-situ keratomileusis (LASIK) eye surgery achieve 20/25 vision or better, which works well for most activities. But most people still eventually need glasses for driving at night or reading as they get older February 16, 2016by Dougherty Laser Vision. Additional refractive surgery after LASIK is more challenging than other circumstances, but is still extremely effective. Because RK was done routinely from the early 1980s to the mid-1990s and weakens the cornea, many of these patients come in with farsighted prescriptions and early cataracts because.