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Animals in Kanha Kisli National Park Kanha's most famous inhabitant is the tiger but it is also home to 43 species of mammals. It is the only place in the world where you can find the hard-ground barasingha (Cervus duvauceli branderi) Kanha National Park is famous for its wildlife safaris and attracts tourists from all over the world. Other important animals in this park are leopards, wild dogs, wild cats, foxes, sloth bears, hyenas, langurs, wild boars and jackals. Reptiles including pythons, cobras, krait and other varieties of snakes are also found in this National Park (Redirected from Kanha National Park) Kanha Tiger Reserve, also known as Kanha-Kisli National Park, is one of the tiger reserves of India and the largest national park of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The present-day Kanha area is divided into two protected areas, Hallon and Banjar, of 250 and 300 km 2 (97 and 116 sq mi), respectively The magnificent big cat Tiger and one of the rarest deer the Hard ground Barasingha or Swamp deer also known as the - Jewel of Kanha national park are the major attraction between all. Kanha national park was created in 1955 by a special law and, since then, it has dedicated itself in preserving a variety of animal species and biodiversity

• Kanha National park is also home to the endangered Dhole Indian species of wild dog They are an aggressive lot and live in packs. • Kanha is home to more than 300 species of birds. • Kanha National Park has 4 entry gates, each explores a specific zone of the jungle. • Kanha National Park remains closed between 1st July and 15th Octobe Wildlife found within Kanha National Park includes tigers, wild dogs, leopards, foxes, jackals, wild cats, swamp deer, guar, spotted deer, sambar, barking deer, four-horned deer, mouse deer, black buck, Indian wolf (rare), hyenas, sloths, wild boars, jungle cats, civets, porcupines, and many others Wildlife at Kanha National Park While the Royal Bengal Tiger continues to be a major attraction in all of Madhya Pradesh's wildlife reserves, true explorers know to look beyond just the tigers and also enjoy the other unique fauna that coexists with these apex predators

What is Kanha National Park famous for? Kanha National Park is known for its flora and fauna. There are various animals you can spot here, including Bengal Tiger, swamp deer, Indian wild dog, and 300 species of birds. How many tigers are there in Kanha National Park For Which Animal Is Gir National Park Famous? Of course, the majestic Asiatic Lions are the real reason behind the popularity of the Gir National Park. However, the king of the jungle isn't the only inhabitant of this natural reserve

The Kanha National Park was originally a part of the Gondwanas or the land of the Gonds. The forest of the Kanha Tiger Reserve was inhibited by two indigenous tribes of Central India, the Gonds and the Baigas. The vicinity of the reserve is still occupied with the villagers of these tribes In 1973, the park became the first in the league of Tiger reserves in the country. Presently, the reserve encompasses 1949 sq kilometers of serene forestland. The kanha national park is located in the Maikal ranges in the womb of Satpura. The term 'highland' was given to these land forms by Captain J. Forsyth who was a chief conservator on. Kanha National Park (which is officially known as Kanha Tiger Reserve) is situated in the Maikal run, the eastern division of the Satpura Hills of the Central Indian Highlands. The recreation center untruths 160 km (100 miles) southeast of Jabalpur in the territory of Madhya Pradesh. Kanha is 270 kIn (170 miles) upper east of the city of Nagpur. Kanha National Park is nestled in the Maikal range of Satpuras in Madhya Pradesh, the heart of India that forms the central Indian highlands.The national park is being popularized as the Tiger reserve and interestingly is being declared as one of the finest wildlife areas in the world Kanha National Park is a home to over 300 species of birds of which some of the commonly seen birds are Pea fowls, Storks, Pond Herons, Egrets, Indian Peafowl, Partridges, spotted Parakeets, Green Pigeons, Cuckoos, Drongos, Warblers, Kingfishers, Woodpeckers and fly catchers. It is the home of both resident and migratory birds

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Kanha National Park. Kanha is a beautiful place, located in the Mandla & Balaghat districts of the state of Madhya Pradesh.Kanha is well known for Royal Bengal Tigers. Total estimated population of Royal Bengal Tigers is about 131.. In 1930s, the Kanha area was divided into two sanctuaries, Hallon (250 km 2) and Banjar (300 km 2). The area remained a protected one until 1947 Kanha National Park. Kanha, popularly known as the 'Land of Tiger' is situated in the Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh. The picturesque Kanha National Park was the inspiration behind famous poet and novelist Rudyard Kipling's unforgettable classic 'The Jungle Book'

Kanha National Park or Kanha Tiger Reserve is one of the tiger reserve of India and the largest national park of Madhya Pradesh, state in the hear of India. The Park has a significant population of royal bengal Tiger, Indian leopards, the sloth bear, barasingha, Indian wild dog, wild cats, foxes and jackals and many others Raipur - Kanha National Park - 250kms(5 hours) Nagpur - Kanha National Park - 300kms(6-7 hours) By rail: The most convenient way to visit Kanha National Park by rail is to reach Jabalpur railway station and from there you can head for the road ahead which is well-connected to cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Delhi, Pune, Ahmedabad, and Lucknow On 01 June 1955 Kanha National Park was created. In 1973, it renamed 'Kanha Tiger Reserve' under the famous 'Project Tiger'. About the Park - Kanha Tiger Reserve is divided into four different zones: Kisli, Mukki, Kanha & Sari. - There are two entrance gates to explore the National Park: Khatia & Mukki Getting to Kanha National Park. Kanha National Park is open from October 16 to the end of June. It closes for the summer / monsoon season. You always stand a decent chance to see tigers in Kanha, but the best time is March to June, when it gets hot and the tigers (and other animals) are forced to the waterholes

Why visit Kanha National Park. I can't tell you how stunning Kanha is. Home to over 1,000 species of plants and about 350 species of birds, Kanha is one the best managed and largest national parks not just in Madhya Pradesh but perhaps in the whole of India.Spread over an area of approximately 2000 sq km it is primarily a moist Sal forest and is dotted with dense groves of vegetation. Kanha National Park, also known as Kanha Tiger Reserve, is a vast expanse of grassland and forest in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. Tigers, jackals, and wild pigs can be spotted in Kanha Meadows. The elevated plateau of Bamhnidadar is home to birds of prey. Animals often gather at the watering holes of Sondar Tank and Babathenga Tank It was very close to extinction when a successful breeding program and conservation practices at Kanha National Park brought the animals back from the brink. Today the national park, best known as. Kanha National Park or KNP is the largest national parks in central India. But more than its size, the park is famous for the presence of the Royal Bengal Tigers. The Park is also famous for being the backdrop of the world-famous novel The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling. It is estimated that about 500 tigers live in this forested area at present

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Kanha Tiger Reserve, also known as Kanha-Kisli National Park, is one of the tiger reserves of India and the largest national park of the state of Madhya Pradesh. The state of Madhya Pradesh (MP) is large and is bigger than many of the countries in the world Kanha National Park: Must-Know Information and Guide. Nestled in the heart of India is a park dedicated as a tiger reserve, one of the world's finest wildlife sanctuaries and is spread across the area of 940 square kilometer. in the area of Maikal chain of hills is the Kanha National Park. The scenery and surroundings of the park are. Known for frequent tiger spotting, Kanha National Park safari is the apt way to savor the best of nature and watch the big cat roam around in the jungle. The jeep safari experience is considered to be one of the best experiences you can undergo during your visit to the national park

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  1. Kanha-Kisli National Park is the largest national park of Madhya Pradesh and a tiger reserve with home to over 100 species of wild animals, birds, reptiles and plants. Kanha Tiger Reserve is divided into eight zones and four entry gates, The four zones are core area named as Kanha, Kisli, Mukki and Sarhi
  2. Kanha Tiger Reserve is an internationally renowned National Park of Central India. It is located in 'Maikal' ranges of eastern base of triangular Satpura range in Central Indian Highlands of Madhya Pradesh State of India. It falls under Mandla & B..
  3. Kanha has the highest density of swamp deer (Barasingha) and are famously known as 'jewels of Kanha'. Indian Bison at Kanha National Park Spotted Deer Herd Nibbling Grass in The Park. We were enjoying the picturesque drive and spotted several beautiful birds, like white-bellied drongo, green bee-eater, pied hornbill and serpent eagle
  4. The romance of the Kanha National Park has not reduced over time - it is still as beautiful as described by Rudyard Kipling in his famous book - The Jungle Book. Located in the Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh, 160 Km s from Jabalpur, Kanha national park cum Tiger reserve extends over an area of over 1,940 Sq. km's of which 940 Sq
  5. Pench National Park - Located 357 Km from Kanha, Pench is known as The Land of Mowgli. Accommodation - Pench Tree Lodge. Activities - Jeep Safari, Visit Ram Temple, Kohka Lake and nearby markets. Jabalpur - Known as the Marble City, Jabalpur is famous for its cultural and political history

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The Kanha National Park located in Madhya Pradesh is not only a Tiger Reserve but it is also famous for the Barasingha or the swamp deer and many other such species of deer and antelopes like the barking deer, the Sambar deer, the Chital deer or spotted deer, and Chousingha the antelope with four horns, other than other fauna species like the Royal Bengal Tiger, Gaurs, Indian wild dogs, sloth. Kanha National Park is a renowned and one of the best tiger reserves of India. Kanha is located in 'Maikal' ranges of eastern base of triangular Satpura range in Central Indian Highlands of Madhya Pradesh State of India. The park is widely known for its immensely rich biodiversity and undoubtedly for Kanha Tiger Sightings Famous Tigers in the Kanha park. 1. Munna - Male Tiger. Munna is considered as the most popular and photographed the tiger in the park. It is easily recognizable with his facial markings of letters C, A, and T found on his forehead. The tiger is about 15 years old, and it is also called Langda or the Meadow male The closest airports to Kanha are at Jabalpur (180 km/4 hr) and Nagpur (260 km/5.5 hr). The closest railhead is Gondia Junction (120 km/3 hr). STAY Kipling Camp - Located near the Kisli Gate of Kanha National Park, Kipling Camp is set within the wilderness of the park's buffer zone. Stay in cosy mud and wood cottages built in the local.

Kanha National park is the destination of Madhya Pradesh wildlife tour. Come to Rudyard Kipling's land and enjoy the sight of tigers and other extinct animals. Kanha museum and sunset point are other attractions of Kanha wildlife sanctuary. Elephant safari is the best way of spotting tigers, while jeep safari will take you to the remote corners The mesmerizing diverse landscapes of Kanha National Park are sure to provide awe and wonderment to tourists. It is a vast spread habitat for umpteen types of animals and plants. It provides enchanting locations to spend time in peace. One of the most amazing places in Kanha National Park is Bamni Dadar A jeep safari through the jungle of one of the best tiger national parks in India will rekindle the adventure spirit in you and you will spend one of the most memorable wildlife holidays in India. 7. Kanha National Park. One of the best national parks in Madhya Pradesh, the Kanha National Park lends a sense of calmness Kanaha National Park is located in the remote Mandla district of Madhya Pradesh, in central India. The park offers some of India's best tiger viewing, as well as supporting many other mammals and birds. Kanha along with the neighboring Bandhavgarh National Park, is the heart of tiger land.With the largest population of tigers in these two reserves and the adjoining forest areas, Madhya. The two main animal parks in Northern India are the Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary and the more famous Jim Corbett National Park which is home to India's endangered Bengal Tiger, along with as many as.

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  1. Location: Kanha National Park, Manjitola Mukki Tehsil Baihar Balaghat, Baihar, Madhya Pradesh. Distance from Kanha National Park: 2.5 Km. Madhya Pradesh is the dream of every nature and wildlife enthusiast, Whether it is rafting, boating, tiger spotting, or even short hikes or nature trails, these stunning reserves surpass all your expectations
  2. An endangered animal known as Barasingha is known as the Jewel of Kanha National Park. Apart from animals, a wide variety of reptiles are also available in Kanha national park. Some of them are Indian Cobra, Indian Krait, Python, Russell's Viper, fan throated lizard, and others. Even though it is quite challenging to encounter them in a.
  3. The largest National Park in Central India, Kanha National Park is occupied by the Hallon and the Banjar sanctuaries. It became a national park in 1955 and established as a tiger reserve in 1973. It was one of the best places to catch sightings of the Royal Bengal Tiger, the Indian leopard, and the Indian wild dog
  4. Kanha National Park. Kanha National Park, which is commonly famous by the name of Kanha Tiger Reserve is one of the largest and the most important national parks in the state of Madhya Pradesh in the heart of India. This famous national park was created on 1st June 1955 and in 1973, it was declared as Kanha Tiger Reserve
  5. Kanha National Park- Browse a wide range of Kanha wildlife tour packages which is specially designed for the wildlife enthusiast. +91 8058822822 +91 9782874456 Info@trippyholidays.com Logi
  6. The central Kanha valley was declared a sanctuary way back in 1933. The adoption of this sanctuary into a national park took place in 1955, after much turbulence and storm regarding rampant killing of wildlife in the area at the time. One of the famous success stories of the park is the survival of the Barasingha population in the park, which.
  7. Bandhavgarh National Park is a national park of India, located in the Umaria district of Madhya Pradesh.Bandhavgarh, with an area of 105 square kilometres (41 sq mi), was declared a national park in 1968 and then became Tiger Reserve in 1993. The current core area is spread over 716 square kilometres (276 sq mi)

The famous land of Tigers, Kanha Kisli National Park is located in the Mandla and Balaghat districts of Madhya Pradesh. Kanha Tiger Reserve has 60 Royal Bengal Tiger and significant population of leopards, the sloth bear, Indian wild dog,Indian bison and Barasingha also known as swamp deer Best Places to Visit Nearby Panna National Park. Panna's neighbourhood boasts some incredible places to see. From the famous wildlife reserves like Kanha, Pench, and Bandhavgarh to historically significant Khajuraho, Jhansi, and Orchha to the sacred Chitrakoot, the diverse and welcoming surroundings come together to make Panna one of the most memorable travel destinations in Madhya Pradesh Gir National Park Today is the only place in the world outside Africa where a lion can be seen in its natural habitat, 1. The Gir Lion is a majestic animal, averaging 2.75 metres in length 2. A rich variety of flora and fauna makes Gujarat home to.. Early in the morning, you will be taken on a jeep safari to Kanha National Park from the resort with expert naturalist.. Kanha National Park is a lush region with numerous flowering plants, trees, climbers, and othervegetations. Top animals to spot here are bison, tiger, deer, gaur, sambar, spotted deer, swamp deer, barking deer, mouse deer, and others Bandhavgarh National Park is spread at vindhya hills in Madhya Pradesh. Bandhavgarh National Park consists of a core area of 105 sq km and a buffer area of approximately 400 sq km of topography varies between steep ridges, undulating, forest and open meadows. Bandhavgarh National Park is known for the Royal Bengal Tigers

The National Park is shaped like figure 8 on its side and has a length of about 80km (from west to east) and a width ranging from 8 to 35km. The Park is located at an elevation of 600 to 900m from mean sea level. The rugged topography of Kanha features flat-topped rolling hills, low-lying plateaus (locally known as 'dadar'), vast meadow grasslands, three rivers - Sulkum, Banjaar. Famous for its tiger and leopard population, Kanha National Park is home to Wild Dogs, Foxed, Jackals, Barasingha etc. Spread over an area of 940 sq km, Kanha National Park is one of the most popular Wildlife sanctuary and an important part of wildlife protection. The trip starts from Nagpur. After reaching Nagpur, you would be accompanied to. Pench National Park is spread over 758 sq km. It was declared a sanctuary in 1977 but raised to status of National park in 1983. Later it was established as Tiger Reserve area in 1992.Pench became 19th tiger reserve of India in 1992. The park was christened Indira Priyadarshani National Park in 2002. Pench tiger reserve has a famous history With numerous national parks and wildlife sanctuary, Madhya Pradesh is the haven for endangered and exotic animals. The Madhya Pradesh Wildlife tour takes us through some of the most famous wildlife parks in India, including Bandhavgarh National Park, Kanha National Park and Pench National Park

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Established in 1955, Kanha national park is one of the largest national parks in India. It is a tiger reserve which is located in Madla and Baghpat district of MP. The major attraction of forest is Royal Begal tiger, wild dog, leopard and deer. It is open for tourist activities and best season to visit kanha national park is February to June month Kanha National Park or Kanha Tiger Reserve is one of the tiger reserve of India and the largest national park of Madhya Pradesh , state in the hear of India. The Park has a significant population of royal bengal Tiger, Indian leopards, the sloth bear, barasingha, Indian wild dog, wild cats, foxes and jackals and many others Kanha National Park is a Tiger Reserve and a national park located along the Balaghat and Mandla districts of Madhya Pradesh, India. It houses the sloth bear leopard and Royal Bengal Tiger. In the year 1930, the Kanha area was separated into 2 sanctuaries namely the Banjar and Hallon, of 300 and 250 square kilometers respectively Kanha National Park of Madhya Pradesh is a lush national park famous among tourists and nature lovers for abundant population of animals, and birds. Do you remember Mowgli, Sher Khan and other characters of Jungle Book? Do you want to enjoy the forest where Mowgli grew up as a wolf cub Kanha National Park. Kanha National Park, is a vast expanse of grassland. Tigers, jackals and wild pigs can be spotted in Kanha Meadows. The elevated plateau of Bamhnidadar is home to birds of prey. Animals often gather at the watering holes of Sondar Tank and Babathenga Tank

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Corbett National Park. Formerly known as 'Hailey National Park', Corbett National Park is a famous refuge for tigers as well as for most of the other wild species. It was established in 1936 to protect the imposing Bengal Tigers. A perfect adventurous destination, this is the oldest park in the country and also fit for an Eco tour with amazing natural bounties Kanha National Park. Located in the centermost state of India, in Madhya Pradesh, Kanha national Park, which was established in the year 1955, is a protected land that stretches for approximately 940 km. The park is known for various wildlife conservations schemes initiated by its management, particularly regarding Barasingha and Tiger species The Kanha National Park still retains its beauty and was the inspiration behind Rudyard Kipling's unforgettable classic Jungle Book. The animals at Kanha are best observed from elephant back and the open country makes the chances of sightseeing reasonably good Delightful Kanha. Spread across 940 sq.km, Kanha National Park is one of the largest parks in Madhya Pradesh where the majestic royal Bengal tigers are found in good numbers and you also get to spot Bison roaming freely in their natural habitat.. The Park is respected globally for saving the Barasingha from near extinction Adding charm to the Maikal range of the Satpura hills, the Kanha National Park in Madhya Pradesh is an ideal home to a wide variety of flora and fauna. Surrounded by luxurious meadows and picturesque landscapes, the park offers amazing sightseeing experiences during Tiger Safaris in India.Dense maroons of forests and the wooded strands make it a heaven for nature lovers

The Bandhavgarh National Park is the place where the famous white tigers of Rewa were discovered. Bandhavgarh is densely populated with other animal species too. The sambar, barking deer and nilgai are also common sights in the open areas of the park Kanha National Park is famous as a prime Tiger Land having beautiful flora and fauna, innumerable streams, lush green forests beautified with shadows and sunlight and many other things. Just imagination about the Kanha National Park, makes us excited and compels us to plan and explore the dense jungle of KanhaNatonal Park soon Kanha National Park, Mandla: Hours, Address, Kanha National Park Reviews: 4.5/5. November is not the best time to visit to in some ways as the vegatation is lush and therefore it is easier of animals to be hidden in the bushes, but having said that, we saw lots and lots of interesting wildlife some of which can only be found in Kanha. Kanha National Park is located in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The park has become famous for its landscape and animals having been the inspiration for Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book' (1894) Kanha National Park. Kanha National Park is a wildlife sanctuary located in the state of Madhya Pradesh in India. This place is also known as a famous Tiger Reserve of the country and you can spot various wild species in the park has a substantial population of, leopards, Royal Bengal Tiger, sloth bears

Kanha National Park is an abode to a variety of species of animals, plants, birds and insects. It also has a beautiful sunset point that is the greatest tourist attraction. The elephant and jeep safaris will take you to a trip to the jungle world Discover the natural wonders of Kanha National Park, which boasts the ideal habitat for both tigers and their prey species. Prime tiger wilderness, Kanha National Park was one of the first areas to be protected under Project Tiger, aimed at preserving this magnificent animal, and remains a renowned conservation area Largest National Park in Central India - Kanha actually inspired Rudyard Kipling to conceive his famous novel The Jungle Book. Youthful Banjar its curvaceous adolescent playmate Sulkam and a host of turbulent tributaries meaning amidst, the rolling Maikal hills clad in green extravaganza, provide to Kanha a breathtaking natural setting

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Read more - Meeting Munna - Rock Star Tiger of Kanha National Park. Barasingha or Swamp Deer is another animal this national park is famous for. Besides of course it is home to a wide variety of wild animals, about 300 species of birds, etc. Kanha is also home to over a reported 1000 species of flowering plants Kanha National Park is one of the most prominent tiger reserves - India has about 50 tiger reserves under Project Tiger. The park came into existence on 1 st June 1955. The Kanha Tiger Reserve was formed in 1973 that covers KNP with an area of 940 sq. km, its buffer zone that covers an area of 1067 sq. km and the adjoining Phen Sanctuary that. Earlier Kanha National Park known as Kanha Kisli was a hunting destination since long time back. It was first to be accorded the status of a sanctuary during the Raj. The two river valleys of Halon and Banzar were provided this sanctuary. Nevertheless, there was a breach and The royal figure did manage to shoot 30 plus tigers in a spate of one. Sunderban National Park in West Bengal is another UNESCO World Heritage Site where around 400 tigers inhabit. Gujarat located, Gir National Park is the largest home for Asiatic Lions in India whereas Keoladeo National Park, yet another UNESCO recognised site, is one of world's best birdwatching destinations

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Kanha National Park, one of the nine national parks in Madhya Pradesh (MP), is arguably one of the best known, and not without any reason. Spread across a total area of 1945 square kilometres. But according to the Census of 2016, we have witnessed good growth in the number of tigers in India. The number has reached up to 2226 and the Kanha National Park of India has the largest population of tigers. 2. Great Indian Lion Asiatic or the Persian lion, popularly called as Indian Lion, is the second wild animal in our list 18 Jun, 2016, 08.39 PM IST. A 70-year-old tribal man was mauled to death by a tiger in the buffer zone of Kanha Tiger Reserve. A park official said efforts are being made to drive away the big cat to the core area of the reserve with the help of elephants. The deceased's family has been given Rs 10,000 as immediate relief sunset, but you can also see various animals, including many types of deer. The Kanha Museum is also located inside the park and is the best place to get specific information about the park. 10. What are the most famous animals in Kanha? Among the many fascinating creatures which reside in Kanha, the Bengal tiger is the most famous

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A safari through the park where one can sight animals in their natural habitat is indeed an unforgettable experience. Considered to be one of the best managed parks in Asia, Kanha Tiger Reserve was created in 1974 as part of Project Tiger. The park is known for the stringent conservation programmes to preserve flora, fauna and the local eco-system The park has a significant population of Bengal Tigers, Panthers, Sloths, Hyenas, Peacocks, Mongoose, Jungle Fowls, and Langurs. Kanha National Park consists of grassy fields and bamboo forests which is an ideal place for animals who live within the national park Elephants at the Kanha National Park are in for a (well-deserved) treat. Park officials at the Madhya Pradesh national park have organised a seven-day-long picnic for their jumbo friends

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Kanha National Park-Located at the distance of 380 km from Satpura National Park, Kanha National Park is well known for its scenic and wildlife reserves in Asia. The main wildlife attractions of this parks include tiger, gaur, sambhar, chital, barking deer, black buck, chousingha, Jungle cat, python, pea fowl, hare, monkey, leopard, etc Kanha best known for its evergreen Sal forests, is home to about 300 species of Birds, 43 species of Mammals, 26 species of Reptiles and more than 500 species of Insects. The Major species found are hard ground Barasingha, Tiger, Leopard, Dhole, Bear, Gaur and Indian Python etc

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If you were a big fan of Rudyard Kipling's 'The Jungle Book' as a kid and want to trace the source of its inspiration, you might want to visit the Kanha National Park.This is one of the most popular national park in Madhya Pradesh (central Indian state). The national park is also a part of the Project Tiger and was declared as a tiger reserve in 1974 Bamni Dadar is located near to Kanha National Park. This place is also known as the sunset point. It is famous among the tourists coming to visit Kanha National Park. Sunset is the best time to capture the scenic beauty of Kanha National Park in the camera. Sunset from the Bamni Dadar is amazing Home of the rare Royal Bengal Tiger, Kanha National Park was one of the first areas to be protected by Project Tiger. With 1945 km² of pristine wilderness, Kanha is one of India's largest national parks. It is famous for its high tiger population and for conserving the barasingha swamp deer, which was brought back from the brink of extinction throug Kanha National Park, India. For anyone visiting India this year, you won't want to miss seeing the animals in Kanha National Park. It's located in the Maikal range of Satpuras, which is located in Madhya Pradesh. The most popular attraction is the tiger reserve, but the park spreads across a whopping 940 square kilometers

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Kanha National Park, The land of Jungle Book. Kanha in Madhya Pradesh is an enchanted land of wilderness. Famous for the Kanha National park, the lands are the ideal setting for Rudyard Kipling's classic novel, The Jungle Book. Kanha National Park is well known for its natural life safaris and draws in visitors from everywhere throughout the. With the deep conviction that Kanha has tremendous knowledge to offer on nature and wildlife conservation, reserve developed an excellent park interpretation programme, the first of its kind in India, in the early 1990s in collaboration with the United States National Park Service Kanha National Park. The main reasons for the establishment of kanha national park are to save and to provide a natural habitat for all the animals, including the endangered ones. Firstly, the mascot of the park, the barasingha was an endangered species and the population of this species was dropping alarmingly. The park took preventive measures to save it View wildlife photography Close to Khajuraho (1 hr - 40 kms) Panna National Park is located in Panna district of Madhya Pradesh.Under the guidelines of Project Tiger, the park is known for the majestic Tigers.One can find Chital, Chinkara, Nilgai, Sambar and Sloth Bear among many other animals. Home to over 200 birds, a true bird lover can observe beautiful birds such as Bar-headed Goose.

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