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  1. To select multiple files in a specific range, open the folder where the files are located. Select the first file in the range with your mouse pointer. Now, hold down the Shift key on your keyboard and select the last file in the range. As soon as you do that, Windows will select all the files and folders in that range
  2. To select multiple files on Windows 10 from a folder, use the Shift key and select the first and last file at the ends of the entire range you want to select. To select multiple files on Windows 10..
  3. How to select multiple files that are not grouped together: Click on the first file, and then press and hold the Ctrl key. While holding down the Ctrl key, click on each of the other files you want to select. You can also simply select multiple pictures by selecting them with your mouse cursor
  4. To select multiple files using the Shift key you can use it in combination with the arrow keys. First, use the tab button or the mouse to select any file on the list. Hold down the shift button and use the navigation arrows on your keyboard, to select the files

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There is no option to select all. Ctrl+A will not select all. \u000BYou can give feedback to Google to request a way to select all photos in one go. There are several ways to select multiple photos and videos though: How to select several consecutive images On a computer: You can hover over the firs In this tutorial I show you how to select and deselect files using Windows 10. I show shortcuts to select multiple windows and files at the same time, and th.. This will group all the different types of files in the folder, making it easy to select all images at once. Step 2: Click on the first photo in the folder. Step 3: Press and hold down the Shift key. Step 4: Click on the last photo in the folder. All the photos will now be selected Currently there isn't a means of selecting multiple pictures at once. 05-06-2017 01:07 AM. There are three main ways to accomplish this: 1. To select just a handful of files, hold down the Ctrl key as you click each one in turn. 2. To select a large number of files, click the first one, hold down the Shift key, and then click the last one On your laptop or desktop, go to Google Photos (photos.google.com) and Select Trash. Select the first image you'd like to restore by hovering your cursor over the image, then left-clicking on the check mark in the upper left-hand corner of the image. A blue bar will appear near the top of your screen with a notice 1 Selected

In this quick tutorial, I'll show you how to select multiple photos from google photos. Using this method, you could select as many photos or videos you woul.. To select the first photo: click the little circle in the left upper corner of the image When at least one photo is selected you are in Select mode and can click other photos in the middle of the..

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how to download multiple photos from google-photos to a specific folder on my PC? there should be a setting to enable a prompt every time you download something to select where you want to download it. I still don't have capabilities to download multiple photos from my photo library. This has got to be an easier way other than one, by. How will you use your laptop? Light use: Browsing the web, paying bills online, email and social networking, organizing and sharing digital photos. Average use: Storing and streaming music and movies, tasks like spreadsheet and document creation. Demanding use: Multitasking with multiple tabs and programs, sophisticated graphics and photo editing, and video production This thread is about selecting more than one photo in order to move them in the album. Go to 3-dots > Edit album and select photos by clicking one by one. In all other places in Google Photos you can do the same (click one by one) but also select a range by using the Shift key. See this link for more details. Google user Select the mobile icon and change the respective mode to mobile size. Choose + icon, select a photo or video to upload. Open a file from the computer or laptop and proceed to the next and post. It's finally done. Through the latelysocial.com app. You can upload multiple photos on Instagram by creating a free account on this app The Google Photos folder in Drive shows photos from Google Photos and is NOT intended to upload to Google Photos. Also uploading photos from computer to the Google Photos folder makes no sense. It does not work that way. You have the following options to upload from computer to Google Photos: Use Backup & Sync

You can select multiple photos on your iPhone at once using the Select command. The Photos app has a Select command on every screen and in every folder, so you can use it anywhere 2) Open My Computer and click on the icon for iCloud Photos. 3) In the upper left there are options to Download and Upload photos. 4) Chose the Download Photos and Videos and a new dialogue box will open. 5) Simply chose All Photos or select an album and click download. This worked for me using Windows 10 If the number of Photos that you want to download from iCloud to PC is less than 1,000, you can follow this method to select and download up to 999 photos from iCloud to PC. If you are trying to download over 1,000 photos, you can move to the next method as provided below in this guide Instagram made some changes recently to how you add or select multiple photos for a post. Naturally, a lot of people started wondering why Instagram won't let me post multiple photos but worry not, we have got everything covered here. If you are looking to add more than one photo on an Instagram story but are finding the multiple pictures selection button missing or gone, then here is a. Click the Create Album button on the Photos page taskbar. A small window will open with your local computer directory. Select the photos to be uploaded from your local computer. To select multiple photos to be uploaded at the same time, hold the CTRL key (or CMD key, for Mac) as you click on each photo to upload

I'm using Chrome on Windows 10. I was able to use my ALT key to select multiple pictures. Extremely odd method when every other computer system uses SHIFT to select multiple sequential files and CTRL to select individual files. I couldn't find anything that would let me select ALL the pictures Download Multiple Files With One Click on WhatsApp Web. Open that chat which contains several images that you want to download. Find the three-dots menu on the top right of the page and click it to reveal more options. From these options, click Select messages.. From the revealed options, click 'Select messages' and you will be able.

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  1. To select a range of contiguous items: Click on the first then hold the Shift key and Click on the last. All between will be selected. Draw a rectangle over the items with the mouse. I just learned that I am able to select multiple photos in the All Photos view after having the same trouble
  2. You can choose the slide show option within the the personalize menu found by right-clicking the desktop. If you want to combine two images into one, you can use Paint to do that. Opening and cropping the photos you want into the paint window, a..
  3. Select Start, and type file explorer in the Search box. In File Explorer, navigate to the location of the edited photo, then select the file. Right-click the image and select Send to > Bluetooth device. In the window that opens, select your Android device, then select Next. On your Android device, accept the prompt to transfer the file
  4. Under Choose Your Picture, right-click a background image and select Set for monitor 1, Set for monitor 2, or whichever other monitor you want to use it on. To add additional images to this list, click Browse and select a wallpaper you want to use. Windows will set it as your default on all desktops
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Once a collage is ready, download it to your computer. Then, right-click on the downloaded collage and select Print. The standard printing dialog box will open where you need to select your printer and click on print to begin printing. Your collage will soon be printed on a single page. Print Multiple Pictures on One Page Right from Window How to Choose the Right Laptop: A Step-by-Step Guide or save a lot of photos or video, that will quickly eat up space. I have destroyed multiple laptop batteries by relying on junky chargers How to highlight text using your mouse. To highlight text using your mouse, position your cursor at the beginning of the text you want to highlight.Press and hold your primary mouse button (commonly the left button). While holding the mouse button, drag the cursor to the end of the text and let go of the mouse button. Once completed, all text from the beginning to the end should be highlighted 1. On your Mac or PC, log into your Apple account at www.icloud.com. 2. Click on Photos. 3. On a Mac, click anywhere on the page (to focus your cursor). Then press Cmd + A to select all images. 4. On a PC, you don't need to click on the web page first, simply press CTRL + A to select all images

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Open the folder that contains the photos you wish to print. Select the photos you want to print. To select multiple photos, hold the Ctrl key as you click each file. You can also click and drag your mouse over the photos. Right-click on the selected photos. This opens up a contextual menu. Click Print on the menu If you're wondering how to select multiple photos on Mac, you can hold Shift and then use your arrow keys or click on the last photo you want to highlight. This will affect all the photos in a row. To select various non-sequential photos, you need to hold ⌘ and then pick everything you want by clicking with your cursor

On occasions (at random) my PC decides not to allow me to select multiple files - as in no CTRL and Shift (all files between), No CTRL ALT (Specific files). This occurs on the whole PC, as in explorer, browser etc. It won't work. I've looked at other forumn posts like this: Cannot select more than one file or folder in Window How can I select multiple files to upload to Google Drive? Click the New button at the top-left of the window, then choose File upload. Browse to the location with the files to upload, then hold down the Ctrl key, click each file to upload, then click the Open button. This is a fairly convenient way to upload files to the. Hover the mouse cursor over the photo and select Download or the download icon (typically looks like an arrow pointing down), then select where you want to save the photo on the computer. This is the same whether you use a Mac or a PC How to edit multiple photos at once Add a Watermark - You can apply a text-based watermark you type into the window, or select an image stored on your PC. You can also set the watermark's. Go to the photos you want to resize. 5. Select the photos. Two ways to select multiple photos: Press the [CTRL] and [A] key on your keyboard. Click on the first photo, press and hold the [SHIFT] key of your keyboard and then click on the last photo. 6. Right-click on the selected photos > Send to > Mail recipient. A Attach Files window will.

To download multiple files, select one file, press and hold Shift key and click the last file you want to download to create a selection of photos and download them. Using Google Drive People often get confused between Google Drive and Google Photos when they want to download photos from Android to laptop On iCloud.com, click Photos and select a photo or video.Hold the command key on your Mac or control key on your PC to select multiple photos or videos. Click and hold the download button in the upper corner of the window. If you want to download your photo or video as it was originally captured or imported, choose Unmodified Original Launch the Photos app on your Mac. Click on the Albums tab, located in the navigation bar on the top of your screen. Choose 'All Photos.'. Select the photos you want to add to your albums. If you want to add multiple photos at once, hold down 'Command' as you click on the photos. Click on the plus sign icon, located on the top right.

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3. Click on Photos in the main interface. Then, choose All Photos album. 4. Press Ctrl button on your keyboard, and click one by one to select multiple or total photos in iCloud. 5. Next, click Delete button at the top right and choose to Delete on the pop-up window to remove the pictures from iCloud Photo Library on all your devices To combine your images into a PDF, first select all images in File Explorer or on your Desktop. Next, right-click on one of the selected images and click Print. The Print Pictures window will.

To select multiple images, hold down the Shift or Command key on a Mac, or the Ctrl key on a PC, while you select multiple images to post. Each image should be highlighted. Select Open . After you select Open, a Facebook status update box reappears showing thumbnails of the images you selected. Write a message in the status box if you want to. How to select multiple photos in Lightroom Classic CC in Filmstrip View: In the Filmstrip View at the bottom of the screen, click the first photo in a row of consecutive photos you want to select. Make sure the border around it turns a lighter shade of grey than the rest of the images If you already have multiple scanned photos in a single JPEG file, you can use HP Photo Creations to separate and print them. Here's how: Choose the print size you want from the Prints menu (e.g., 4x6). Click Add Photos to import the multi-image scan. Click the imported image to open its toolbar, then click the Crop button Part 3. Mass Delete Multiple Photos from iPhone on PC at Once. Here are the steps to bulk deleting photos from iPhone on Windows computer. 1. Connect iPhone to PC using USB. 2. Go to My Computer, open it and select Apple iPhone 3. Find Internal Storage and open the DCIM folder, which stores all photos and videos of the iPhone. 4

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If I select multiple BMP or PNG files, only one instance of Photo Viewer opens up (I haven't noticed this before because most of the time I deal with JPEGs ). But if the file selected last is a JPG then multiple instances of Photo Viewer pop up. So even if I select 10 PNGs and then a single JPG -> multiple instances (11 to be exact) But 10 JPGs. I recently had to switch phones and I wanted to keep all of my pictures. I downloaded my previous ones to my computer, then onto Dropbox. I got the app on my IPhone but I want to select all of them, rather than download 1,257 photos one by one. please help!! thank I'm using a new laptop running on Windows 10 64-bit. Since installing Office 2019 I have been having a few problems. The first problem is that I cannot select multiple Office files in Windows explorer. If I try, explorer freezes for about 15 seconds.. You'd have to hold control/shift and click the images you want to send or you would select multiple things prior to dragging them into the client. 1. level 1. Marnixium. · 2y. If you have them saved, select multiple files in your file explorer and drag it over to the Discord client. You should get the prompt to send the first image, and upon. Windows - A good option for batch photo resizing is Irfanview.After installing, select Batch conversion/rename from the File menu. There are a lot of options here, but all that needs to be done is select the image files from the file browser in the top-right, then click on Add to add them to the list of images to be processed (small note - there appears to be a bug in Irfanview.

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First, locate the files tab in your personal files or within course files. Once you've located the files you would like to copy, click Ctrl+A in order to select all the files in that pane. Then 5 options will pop-up above those selections regarding the selected files. A progress bar will appear at the top of the page to indicate download progress 1. Open the Photos or Gallery app on your Android Phone or tablet.. 2. Tap and hold on any photo, until you see check boxes appearing on all photos. 3. Select all the Photos that you want to send by tapping on them. 4. Now, Tap on the Share icon (See image above). Note: On Samsung and other phones the Share icon will be titled as Share 5. Once you tap on share you will get the Share.

To combine your images into a PDF, first select all images in File Explorer or on your Desktop. Next, right-click on one of the selected images and click Print. The Print Pictures window will. How to Select Multiple Files on Mac (OS X or MacOS) If the issue is with your Computer or a Laptop you should try using Restoro which can scan the repositories and replace corrupt and missing files. This works in most cases, where the issue is originated due to a system corruption

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Then use click, ctrl+click, shift+click to select the thumbnails (NOT the Checkboxes, which is why I said to forget them for now!!) When you have selected what you want, find one of the selected photos and click its checkbox one way or the other, each click selects or deslects all the selected photos. Likes Now, open a document, web page, or other piece of content and copy one item after another via the usual Copy command or Ctrl+C keystroke. You can copy text, images, and hyperlinks. Go to a blank. Then, you can select the photos as usual: You'll see that the photos you've selected will be marked with blue check mark numbers. Tap on Next to continue. It is possible that the Select multiple photos button will also disappear on the Instagram for Android, and you will have to add images to the carousel using the method we showed above. Choose Paper size and Quality. A4 is the default in most cases. Select from the pre-designed layouts on the right. For instance, you can opt for Full page photo if you need one. Printing the images as a Contact sheet is a good low-cost option if you have several images and you want to check their relative merits

IN photo app COLLECTION MOMENTS mode. the one where in on my iPad it says moments in middle of title bar. hit select on right side of title bar. and then another select option will appear right under the previous select. tap that also. the whole collection MOMENTS category will be selected! hit the trash and then the confirmatio 3. Also, we can transfer iPhone photos to laptop selectively with Dr.Fone. From the main page of the software, choose the Photos tab. You will see all available photos, from there just select the ones you wish to transfer photos from iPhone to a laptop. After that, click on the Export option,> then Export to PC In Google Photos in your browser, click the circle at the top left of the first photo you want to delete. If there's a batch in sequence you want to delete, hold down shift, and click the circle at the top left of the last photo in the sequence, a.. While you can use this method to delete photos from your Instagram page on the computer, you cannot delete more than one photo at a time. There is no way to delete multiple Instagram photos at once, as Instagram has blocked any extension, app, or service previously able to do so Here's how to Select All in iCloud Photosusing this platform: Open a session of File Explorer on your computer. At the left panel, click on the iCloud Photos folder which should be available now that you have set up the iCloud app. Now open the Downloads. You will see a list of photos

If you select your computer, make sure the companion app is running on your Windows PC or Mac. In the mobile app, tap the name of your computer. Your photos are then transferred, and PhotoSync. The Google Drive app for PC does not let you view the files in its interface. It creates a new folder on your PC that houses various files. Here are the steps to use the Backup and Sync app To delete multiple photos on Facebook using a desktop computer, start by clicking your name in the upper-right corner and selecting the Photos tab in your profile. On the Photos page, click My Photos to view a list of photos you've uploaded. From this list, hover your mouse over a photo, click the pencil icon that appears.

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Connect iPhone with your Windows 8 PC. 2. Enter The PC and right-click on the iPhone device to choose Import pictures and videos. 3. Select Review, organize, and group items to import when you import iPhone images for the first time. Or hit Import all new items now if you've imported photos from your iPhone How to Resize Multiple Images at Once Using Mac. Select all of the photos that you need to resize. Right-click them and choose Open with Preview. When you are in Preview, click on Edit and then choose Select All. After all the pictures are selected, head up to Tools and select Adjust Size. Select the Scale. Click 'Export' button on the menu bar and select the saving path on computer. Finally, click 'Export' to start the backup process. Transfer Moto G7's Photo File to computer. In order to choose certain photo file to backup, please double click the certain photo folder to open the folder, then you can choose multiple photo files of your willing How to Select Multiple Photos When Using Any Lightroom Module. The Library is the only module in Lightroom that uses the grid view for selecting images, so there's a slightly different option for selecting multiple images in the other modules (it also works in the Library module)

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Add Multiple Stories on Facebook Story (PC) There are two ways for desktop and laptops. To do so, select multiple photos instead of one or just click on the plus icon (+) next to the image. Removing large collections of photos from your iPhone is a great way to free up storage. The Photos app makes it easy to delete large numbers of photos at once by swiping to select multiple photos in an album or deleting large clusters of photos called moments by drilling down to specific dates and places To backup a video project in the Photos app, use these steps: Open Photos. Click the Video Editor tab. Select the project you want to backup. Click the menu (three-dotted) button from the top. The selection box will select the files that fall in between them and will help you to select multiple files at once. 2. Select Multiple Files on Mac with Command+Click. The aforementioned way works with a contiguous group of files only and doesn't offer an option when you've to select multiple files not grouped directly

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Tap the multiple photo icon, which looks like two stacked photos, on the right side of your screen above the photo gallery. Select multiple photos to add to your Instagram post. A number will show up on the photo so you know in which order they will show up in your post. Add filters or edit each photo individually Select multiple photos by holding down the command key (control if you're using a PC) and clicking each photo. When the photos have uploaded, you can add your caption and location. Finally, click Publish to publish your post immediately, or click the arrow to schedule your post for some time in the future

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Step 1: After you install the tool, click on the Add icon at the top. That will give you the option to choose which Google service you'd like to connect. Step 2: Next, select Google Photos from. Select the first photo you want to add and then tap Select Multiple. Select the photos and videos you want to add to the post—you can have a total of ten—in the order you want them to appear. At the moment, all the photos in the post have to have a square crop. You can re-position any non-square photos as you add them. Once you tap Next. The photo album will be copied over to your computer. Export specific photos from your Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra to the computer. To back up certain photos from Samsung Galaxy S20/S20+/S20 Ultra to the computer, please double click the specific album to open an album. Select multiple photos you'd like to transfer to your PC and click on. The best way to delete multiple photos on a Mac at the same time is to use the Photos app. Step 1 - Launch the Photos app to see all photos that are in your Master's directory. Step 2 - Select the photos that you want to delete. You can easily do this by pressing the Command key as you select multiple files To download all photos from iCloud to PC, you can use iСloud.com, iCloud for Windows or CopyTrans Cloudly app.. In short, iСloud.com lets you access your iCloud photos on PC through your browser: you can view, select all or several photos in iCloud and download them to your PC. There's no way to download or select all photos at once through iСloud.com if you have more than 1000 items in.

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