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EXPAWLORER Guinea Pig Fleece Cage Liners - Washable Non Slip Guinea Pig Bedding, Waterproof Super Absorption Reusable Pee Pads for Rabbits, Hamsters, and All Small Animals. 3.8 out of 5 stars. 7. $15.99. $15. . 99 ($15.99/Count) 5% coupon applied at checkout. Save 5% with coupon Guinea Pig/Cavy Carriers Transports. Pointer Hill Pet Products is a manufacturer of high quality guinea pig / cavy cages and carriers for your guinea pig / cavy. Guinea Pig / Cavy carriers come in several sizes. BR2501 Cavy Carrier 2 Hole - 10 x 14 x 8 High. $29.00

Standard Cages. Cagetopia C&C Cages: Standard, Single-Level, Open-Top Cages. Cagetopia Grids. Strong, powder-coated (not vinyl-coated, which can be chewed off) black or white grids. SAFE inner grids holes of 1 3/8 (wider is a strangulation risk) Coroplast Bases. Professionally cut & scored, easy-to-clean, 4mm corrugated plastic secured with. Shop the Gold Standard of Guinea Pig Cages: Cagetopia's 16 colors, easy-to-clean, expandable, simple to multi-level, open or covered, small to jumbo, stands, quality grids, fast shipping, ready-to-assemble, guinea pig-approved, expert guidance available SONGMICS Guinea Pig Run Cage, Large Indoor Playpen and Enclosure with Oxford Mat and 2 Doors, Metal Grid Crate for Hamster, Rabbit, and Small Animals, 48.4 x 24.8 x 24 Inches, Black ULPI05H. 4.1 out of 5 stars. 494. $56.99. $56

Usually, you put one hand under the guinea pig's belly and one under the guinea pig's hind legs. If the guinea pig is skittish, you may need to have a stronger grip on the guinea pig. Corner it in its cage and get ahold of it as you would with a more docile guinea pig, but hold on a little tighter Modular Guinea Pig Unit. House your guinea pigs in the secure, easy to maintain living space of the Modular Guinea Pig Cage System. With a 4.2 or 5.0 square foot floor area, standard systems offer 5, 8 or 12 cages. Choose from a variety of ergonomically friendly floor and door configurations to best suit your single, pair or group animal.

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24 x 12 x 8 Cavy Transport Cage, 4 Comps. $37.29 As low as $32.12. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. 24 x 18 x 8 Adjustable Cavy Transport Cage. $65.29 As low as $60.78. Add to Cart. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Pigpen™ 24 x 16 x 12 Front Door A guinea pig carrier that is specifically constructed to keep small, vulnerable pets safe during travel and transport is the hands-down best way to minimize stress, anxiety and the potential for injury when you are traveling with your guinea pig Deluxe Cages. Cagetopia C&C Cages: Deluxe, Two-Level, Open-Top Cages. Cagetopia Grids. Strong, powder-coated (not vinyl-coated, which can be chewed off) black or white grids. SAFE inner grids holes of 1 3/8 (wider is a strangulation risk) Coroplast Bases. Professionally cut & scored, easy-to-clean, 4mm corrugated plastic secured with reusable. Have the cage lined with some towels or cloth just in case it is a bumpy ride. It also serves as a place where the guinea pigs can sit back and relax. It is also used by the guinea pigs for something their tiny paws can grip on while the car moves around. 2. Keep your tiny friends comfortable

Large Cage Dimensions. Interior: 27 x 56 = about 10.5 Square Feet of cage space.; Exterior: 30 x 60 when assembled = you will need a table space of about 2.5 feet by 5 feet to accommodate this cage.; Coro Height Options. 6 walls on all four sides. This is the perfect height for keeping bedding contained, visibility to pigs, good airflow, and safety In general, guinea pigs aren't climbers, so the only reason for a cover is to protect them from children or other animals. A cage cover must be strong and RIGID to support the weight of an animal -- without caving in -- and provide quick and easy access. Simply fold the front half over the back row, or prop open (tent-like) by resting the front row on the middle connector Guinea pigs must be transported using appropriate cages and vehicles that are covered and fully enclosed. Guinea pigs must be given adequate space that allows them to lie down, stand up and change position during transport and should always be covered, keeping light to a minimum Provide your guinea pig with some food during transport. Guinea pigs need a consistent supply of food to maintain their digestive system and prevent dental problems. Guinea pigs should not be withheld food for more than a few hours. Providing your guinea pig with some hay to chew will lessen their stress levels ADOGGYGO Guinea Pig Cage Rabbit Cage Pet Playpen with Cover Small Animal Play Pen Portable Exercise Fence Pet Tent for Guinea Pig Bunny Hamster Chinchillas, Hedgehogs Reptile Kitten (Blue with Cover) Portable Pet Transport Bag with Adjustable Shoulder Strap + Removable Soft Cushion + Foldable Bowl. 4.7 out of 5 stars 825. $33.99 $ 33. 99.

Traveling with Your Guinea Pig (s) Use a pet carrier. Use a pet carrier. For two guinea pigs, the carrier should be at least 12 inches wide x 19 inches long x 12 inches high. Do no substitute with another carrier and do no substitute with a cardboard box, small cage, open top tub, laundry basket, etc. Cardboard boxes and things like laundry. Guinea pigs love to be active and move around. If you have 2 guinea pigs pick the cage with 30 x 50 inches. If you're looking for a guinea pig cage for 3, the cage needs to be around 30 x 62 inches for enough comfort. Pick The Best Design - Deluxe guinea pig cages are very popular on the market, and you can choose from a variety of them. If. Cheap and large guinea pig cages. Housing doesn't have to be expensive. Many companies do sell larger cages that are budget-friendly and still provide a quality experience for your cavies home. 1- Tractor Supply Company Ware Manufacturing Chew Proof Critter Cage. 25″ x 12 ½ x 12 ½ These cages are useful in emergency situations to transport your guinea pig to the vet or in an evacuation. They are not large enough for an every-day habitat, even if the guinea pig gets out for exercise each day. I use a large pet shop cage overnight for my guinea pig

Impressive by design, our two-tier double 4x2 C&C cage is perfect to house 2 pairs of guinea pigs while saving space. The kit comprises everything you need to set up a perfect enclosure for your guinea pigs: C and C grids, coroplast sheets, and fixations. Delivery USA Wide Small Pet Carrier Rabbit Cage Hamster Chinchilla Travel Warm Bags Cages Guinea Pig Carry Pouch Bag Breathable One-Shoulder Strap. $5.69. $5. . 69 ($5.69/Count) $2.98 shipping OMG this cage is so small for guinea pigs please dont get it for this price you can get a very nice cage that has alot of room. Guinea Pigs need alot of room to run, exercise, and play.This cant fit one Guinea pig and imagine getting 2 of them, you at least need 7.5 square feet minimum and it says its a Large Guinea Pig Habitat thats just.

SINGLE/PAIR BEDDING FREE GUINEA PIG CAGES. GPP111910PP-24. DESCRIPTION. With 210 sq. in. of floor space each bedding free cage can hold up to two guinea pigs. Specially designed holes in the corners allow waste through to the high temperature waste tray. Features Options. Here's a List, but check out the pictures below. Piggy Basic Rabbit & Guinea Pig Cage. 86 reviews. ( 86) Delivery in 1-5 working days. Delivery time information. In 90% of cases, delivery takes place within the specified number of working days (excluding weekends and public holidays). This may vary depending on availability, payment method, location and other factors beyond our control

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  1. If you're looking for the best guinea pig carriers to help you transport your cavy safely, I've got you covered.. Below, we'll look at 5 different travel cages that will make traveling with your piggy a lot easier. First, though, let's go over some basic tips and rules for transporting cavies
  2. Floor space is the MOST IMPORTANT part of finding the best cage. I always recommend having at least 2 feet by 3 feet of floor space for a pair of guinea pigs. For every addition guinea pig you have, add 2 square feet of floor space. 2 guinea pigs = 6 square feet. 3 guinea pigs = 8 square feet. 4 guinea pigs = 10 square feet
  3. Hamster Cages; Guinea Pig Cages; Rat Cages; Transport Cages; Rabbit & Guinea Pig Hutches; Hutches with Runs; Single Storey Hutches; Double Storey Hutches; Runs & Fencing; Small pet food; Transport Cages; Transport Cages. Shop By. Shopping Options brands. FERPLAST 1 item; Size. Small. View as Grid List. 1 Item . Sort By. Set.

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When traveling with a bunny, you may even find that a rabbit carrier and playpen combo allows you to safely transport your bunny's habitat to any location. Whether you find yourself in need of a rabbit, guinea pig, or other small pet carrier, you'll find the options you need available at Petco A guinea pig playpen is a great way to exercise your guinea pig, but don't be afraid to get creative with it! Try making an obstacle course using blocks, boxes, and tubes for your guinea pig to explore during exercise time. You can also provide your guinea pig with toys to play with in its cage and in its playpen. Also Read I bought it to take my guinea pig for a visit to the vet. It is big enough so my guinea pig has room to move around, but not too much room so she could get hurt during transport. I put the bottom part in her cage with a small pet blanket for her to get used to it, and she enjoyed jumping in and out of it and pushing it Sawdust is very commonly used in small pet cages. However, this can irritate your pet's lungs as it is very dusty, compressed paper bedding is a better choice as it's softer, less dusty and will absorb wee well. Recommended substrates. The following substrates are great options for rabbits, hamsters, mice, gerbils, chinchillas and guinea pigs

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Critter-Cages.com your one stop shop for all your critter's housing needs. We stock a wide selection of supplies and equipment for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Hamsters, Mice, Rats, Ferrets, Chinchillas, Chickens, and other Small Critters. Our selection includes Chicken Barns, Chicken Coops, and Chicken Yards for the Urban Poultry Keeper GUINEA PIG CAGE. First rule of correct guinea pig care: Provide your pet with optimal (or larger) sized cage. You can read additional info about cages on Guinea Pig Cages Page. 2. CAGE LOCATION. Put the cage inside the house. It should reside in a high traffic area, with minimal temperature oscillations (Ideally 20°C - 22°C) This is an ideal dog transport cage for small and medium breeds. This TransK9 cage has antimicrobial SteriTouch finish. Pet Transport Reviews. The following are just a small sample of our reviews. We get requests for guinea pigs, rabbits, birds and other pets Like and Subscribe for more video !Building a C&C 2x4 with a loft and ramp for guinea pigsTo Buy a C&C cage and all accessories head to our store: http://sho..

The Benny 100 is a cage for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas and ferrets provide enoug Carrying Cages. One of the first products offered by Bass Equipment Company over 50 years ago and still one of the most popular! Now with these improvements, these great carriers now become the best! We now equip each carrier with a deeper 3 metal pan. The pan, as well as the carrier door, is held secure with our innovative finger loop springs

None of these other pigs were right for our house, but they needed someone who could get them vet care, socialize them and find them loving homes. This is how Tuna's Guinea pig rescue was born. We are now a collection of foster and transport assisters who specialize in locating happy furever homes for little piggies For elderly guinea pigs, choose a flat cage as they may not move up the levels. If you have a multi-level cage, ensure that the levels are removable. Conclusion. The best guinea pig cages are easy to choose - consider the number and age of guinea pigs you have and your budget and start shopping

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2 girl skinny guinea pigs - $150 Born June 11 and June 21 $150 each or $250 together. Able to transport between Chicago and Lancaster Pennsylvania August 7, 8, or 9th depending on.. Hutches, Cages & Runs. Provide your guinea pig with all the space they need with hutches, cages, and runs from our extensive collection. Whether it's an outdoor pen for the summer months or a permanent feature for your home or garden, you can choose from plenty of stylish options here C&C Guinea Pig Cages - Home - c and c guinea pig cages. I heard of c and c cages from the US and was very happy to see them now available in the UK. The cages are fantastic, roomy and airy. The openness means you can watch your guinea pigs and more importantly they can see you come and go. Originally I bought the cages for wintering our pair.

12 Panels Pet Playpen Small Animals Dog Big Rabbit Guinea Pig Yard Fence Cage. 4.5 out of 5 stars (31) 31 product ratings - 12 Panels Pet Playpen Small Animals Dog Big Rabbit Guinea Pig Yard Fence Cage. $44.99. Free shipping. 227 sold. 3-Levels Black Chinchilla Guinea Pig Degu Animals Rats Mice Gerbil Ferret Cage You have found the largest guinea pig cage on the market. The 6x2 C&C cage can house up to 4 guinea pigs comfortably. Our large C&C cages provide at least 8 square feet of living area, twice more than traditional cages. They are very easy to assemble thanks to our coroplast sheet with lock-in slots A small animal cage is a perfect home for small animals like rabbits and guinea pigs. The durable design of this guinea pig cage features a large door for easy access to your pet. Furthermore, this hamster cage has a deep base for your pet to live and play. Also, the chinchilla cage features a ramp and platform to complete this cage

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Cat Collars & Transport. Cat carriers, cat crates, cat cages - birds land has a wide selection of products for safe travel with your cat. Cat harnesses and cat collars help protect your cat while on the go, too Right before we got our guinea pigs (5 years ago), we were in PetSmart doing research on supplies. A wonderful sales associate recommended a C&C cage and a few websites about care and housing (including guinealynx). We took the advice and have been grateful every day for it. Thank you Adult guinea pigs have gotten stuck and died in cages using the new larger grids! The smaller safe grids can also be dangerous for young guinea pigs. While your pets are young and small, use mesh style grids or securely line the walls of standard grids with spare corroplast, plexiglass, or cardboard This cage is suitable to house up to 2 guinea pigs. We recommend the use of our fleece liners and ramp covers Kavee.. BABY GRIDS: Thanks to our thin meshing with small holes, our C&C grids are safe to use with baby guinea pigs older than 8 weeks. Please always run a test with your own pets since guinea pigs come in a variety of sizes and shapes

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Wooden Rabbit Hutch Bunny Cage Guinea Pig House W48xD22xH37. $130 (Ontario) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $100. favorite this post. Jul 13 No person subject to the Animal Welfare regulations shall offer for transportation, or transport, in commerce any live guinea pig or hamster in a primary enclosure that does not conform to the following requirements: (a) Primary enclosures, such as compartments, transport cages, cartons, or crates, used to transport live guinea pigs or hamsters shall be constructed in such a manner that (1. Guinea Pig Cage $350 (Rancho Cordova) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. favorite this post Jul 24 Guinea pigs & Cage Sheep, Goat Transport cage $395 (mod > ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $10. favorite this post Jul 27 Cages Guinea Pig & Ferret Houses. Guinea pig & Ferret houses available ABS (Acrylonitrile-Butadiene-Styrene) an ideal material for structural applications such as the guinea pig and ferret house, being both impact resistant and strong and is FDA compliant (for use in food processing applications)

Ferplast Rabbit and Guinea Pig Cage 100. 127 reviews. ( 127) Delivery in 3-6 working days. Delivery time information. In 90% of cases, delivery takes place within the specified number of working days (excluding weekends and public holidays). This may vary depending on availability, payment method, location and other factors beyond our control 120cm Guinea Pig Cages: a larger guinea pig cage can be a great choice if you have multiple small pets and they come in a great range of options. There are more traditional single-storey plastic cages with metal mesh edges and removable lids and trays, as well as larger two- and even three-storey options - a veritable palace for your guinea pig The best guinea pig carrier cage should considerably large, at least 12″9″12″ (L*W*H) to give your pet enough room to move around. #2 Keep the Guinea Pig Comfortable Since piggies poop often, it's important to use some of the bedding at the carrier's bottom New in box Midwest Guinea Pig Cage Guinea Habitat Plus roof and ramp $40 (Citrus Heights) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $20. Goat, Sheep Transport Cage!! $395 (Sacramento) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $200. favorite this post Jul 29 Cage

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Avoid exposing guinea pigs to temperatures above 25°C for long periods of time. These pets will thrive in temperatures ranging from 18-25°C. Spot clean your guinea pigs' cage daily and do a thorough clean every two to three days. Replace the bedding, wipe down the cage with hot water and wash the elements, such as toys and drink bottles. Nice cage to let your small chickens/chickies free range safely or guinea pig Can be used to transport them or used for free range protection Yes it's available when can you pick up? 5ft long x 2.5 feet You can transport full size chickens in it I used to allow my smaller chickies to forage safely in yar This cage is a really good deal for the size that it is. This cage is HUGE (so make sure you have enough room for it). My bunny went from a small guinea pig cage to this 42 inch cage, so it was a big adjustment. She loves sitting on top of the hut and she has plenty of space to move around the cage The guinea pig requires 15 mg/day Vitamin C. Cabbage, kale, green peppers, and oranges have Vitamin C. Vitamin C tabs added a rate of 200-400 mg/L drinking water can be mixed fresh daily as treatment of hypovitaminosis C. Good commercial guinea pig diets are the best prevention Pet rabbit care. Buying guinea pig enclosure in the pet shop can be unfortunately a good way to ensure that it will be in truth too small for the pet's requirements. Purchasing the biggest cage the store provides will likely prove insufficient, despite the high costs typically charged

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Rat, hamster, guinea pig cage and supplies (East Mtns near Abq) Rat, hamster, guinea pig cage and supplies. (East Mtns near Abq) $130, lots of goodies for a rat, or other little critter - mice too! Cage like new and nice size, cage is 30 1/4 tall by 29 1/2 long, three boxes of little fencing, transport cage & other fun stuff please see pics Guinea pigs, guinea pig cages & all accessories. -. $1. (Oak Creek) I have texel, teddy, slikie, skinny carrier and abby guinea pigs in need of homes. (photos posted are stock photos) these are guinea pig breeds that are harder to find, you can't buy these breeds in a pet store. they are all adults ranging in age from 1.5-3.5 years old, I do.

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  1. Its unique formulation utilizes non-ionic cleaning to remove stubborn greasy protein and organic residues often associated with Rabbit, Guinea Pig and NHP caging. Features. For use in Allentown washers and washers provided by other manufacturers; For cages, accessories, storage and transport rack
  2. The GPP510P is a 10 cage model with bedding free cages, each cage 4 sq. ft. Each bedding free cage can house up to 5 guinea pig in a warm and quiet environment. Specially designed holes in the corners allow waste through to the high temperature waste tray
  3. Shop our best selection of Guinea Pig Cages at Hayneedle, where you can buy online while you explore our room designs and curated looks for tips, ideas & inspiration to help you along the way. Find the perfect pet supplies to help take care of your animals - and your home
  4. Cheap Cages, Buy Quality Home & Garden Directly from China Suppliers:H1 Pet Guinea Pig Hamster Cage Crystal 3 Storey Castle Accessories To Transport Practical Travel Rabbit Bed Enjoy Free Shipping Worldwide! Limited Time Sale Easy Return
  5. The Humane Society has already adopted out almost 100 of the guinea pigs. An additional 76 animals—most of which were born after the transport and the initial count of 250—are in foster care
  6. Guinea Pig $1.12 . Cage and Supplies Charges for Housing Rodents at CBR2 in the vivarium in the School of Medicine: The cages charges for rodents include cage top and bottom, food tray, card holder, bedding, enrichment, filled water bottle and feed. Standard mouse housing $8.14 . Standard rat housing $10.76 . Cubicle housing $9.4

Transport Carriers Welded Wire Medications Water Crocks and Feeders Vinyl and PVC-coated Wire Automatic Watering Systems Cage-building Tools & Supplies Pet Care and Grooming Supplies . Klubertanz Equipment Is Your #1 Supplier For: Rabbit Supplies. Welded Wire For Cages Mice and Guinea Pig Supplies. Ferret Supplies . Caged Bird Supplies Our Location 275 Twelfth Street Wheeling, IL 60090 USA. 847.537.9320 800.323.7366 FAX: 847.537.9061. Hours: Monday - Friday CST 8:30 am - 5:00 pm. Shopping Car In good condition apart from the crack in it. Other than that does what it should. Could easily fit 2 cats in it or a smallish dog See-Through™ Housing Systems are available for housing rats, mice, hamsters and guinea pigs, they provide the ultimate in flexibility and convenience by housing many different cage sizes. To meet various housing density and installation requirements, single-sided and double-sided mobile systems

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Cage/transport cage for guinea pig/rabbit. Wire cage is in good condition, yellow base is dis-coloured/weathered as shown and has slight chipping in one area of... 2. gumtree.com . 80cm 2 door opening rabbit / guinea pig cage Will include free the ramp I made years ago for there big hutch an don t need it now Only used few weeks L 80cm H. Our cages are constructed with 1 x 2 14 gauge wire tops and sides, and ½ x 1 16 gauge floors. This is high quality, galvanized before welded, wire. All hutches are complete with doors installed, door hanger (if applicable) and J-Clips required for assembly It should be raised above floor level, so that humans seem less threatening to the guinea pigs inside. If other animals also live in the household (e.g. cats), the vivarium should be closed on top. Although guinea pigs kept indoors aren't directly exposed to the weather, the position of the vivarium or enclosure must still be chosen carefully

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Let your guinea pig travel in style with our great range of guinea pig travel products. Filter. Browse. Hutches, Cages & Runs Hutch Covers & Cage Stands Food & Feeding Hay Treats Bedding, Hay, Woodshavings & Straw Chews, Toys & Playthings Bowls, Bottles & Accessories Beds & Hideaways Healthcare & Grooming Hutch & Cage Cleaning Books & Gifts filter top/ transport cages. polysulfone rat & mice cages. special studies cages. poultry/ bird cages. sliding & hanging type racks. guinea pig cages. metrabolic & diuresis cages. wide range of water bottles. rabbit cages . guinea pig cage racks. rabbit cage racks. primate/monkey cages & dog cage. about us. vishnu traders was established in. Tips for cutting coroplast or corrugated plastic panels to use for a cage liner in a guinea pig cage.. This post contains affiliate links which may earn me commissions should you click through them and take certain actions. As an affiliate for Cricut, Amazon and other sites, I earn from qualifying purchases Guinea pigs need to be handled calmly and with care to prevent distress and injury to both animal and handler. Well-designed refuges such as tubes or pipes assist in catching. If guinea pigs hide in these, they can easily be caught without struggling. Guinea pigs are prey animals that are naturally wary of people

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  1. We recycle old rabbit-cages each furnished with a Macrolon IV rodent cage for our guinea pig groups. In the Macrolon cage the animals have access to a 2-cm layer of sawdust topped with approximately 8 cm of hay (Figure 1). Food and water is placed outside the Macrolon cage to keep the sawdust and hay relatively dry and clean
  2. Guinea pig cages are often found with multi-level designs and can be created for indoor or outdoor use. Some pet parents choose a hutch-style guinea pig cage that looks great in the backyard while providing a safe, secure environment for small pets. When it comes to small animal cages, many pet parents opt for small animal containment kits.
  3. Aug 26, 2020 - Explore Victoria Rodgers's board Small animal cages & DIY ideas on Pinterest. See more ideas about small animal cage, diy stuffed animals, pet cage
  4. Discover the perfect cosy nesting place for your small pet to live, sleep and play in, with a wide range of sizes, colours and styles available. There are rabbit hutches in single or double-storey layouts, partially covered triangle hutches, plus hard-wearing cages suitable for ferrets, rabbits, rats and guinea pigs
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  1. Cavie 60 Cage. Measures 60 x 36 x 30cm. This cage is suitable only as a transport or temporary cage. It is not large enough for full time living but makes an excellent alternative to a carrier for vet visits and car journeys. The bar spacing is quite narrow, however there are slightly larger gaps at the edges so we would recommend this as being.
  2. The Guinea-Pig cages provide ideal conditions for animal husbandry in terms of size and shape and are also easy to use. All components can be orderd separately. The mobile rack for 8 and 10 cages has 2 cages per level
  3. I bought these cages as a 3-pack and saved a bunch of money over the retail stores. I used a $5.00 coupon at PetMountain and saved another $5.00 using Google checkout. These cages are perfect for guinea pigs. They are big enough without being too difficult to clean. Very easy to access and clean, lightweight and strong. Highly recommended
  4. A larger cage requires less frequent cleaning and provides space for play, toys, and exercise. Spacious cages made of wire cubes and Coroplast sheets are superior to small manufactured cages, whose wire bottoms, wire ramps, and shelves can injure a guinea pig's feet and legs. See www.cavycages.com. If separatio
  5. g ill and/or injured from exposure to foster guinea pigs. I will house the guinea pig(s) in the appropriate rescue approved cage (MGPR will provide a cage if needed)
  6. Livestock transport cage $350 (Cleveland ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $30. favorite this post Jul 15 Kaytee crittertrail hamster cage Guinea Pigs and Cage $200 (Humble ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $1. favorite this post Jul 5 siberian husky with the cage
  7. Handling Pregnant Guinea Pigs. If you happen to have a pregnant guinea pig, handle it as little as possible late in the pregnancy. A sturdy box with one side that can fold down can be used to safely transport a guinea pig. Allow the guinea pig to walk inside the box. Raise the side and then carefully lift the box and guinea pig out of the cage.

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  1. Ideal for: Providing guinea pigs with a comfy hideaway This is definitely one of the best guinea pig toys for any small animal pet that loves finding and using hiding places. You can put this little hideout anywhere in your guinea pig's pen or cage and trust that they will be safe and sound even or especially with it there.. This Kaytee toy is constructed out of all-natural wood that is safe.
  2. - small wire travel carrier for transport It's still available! I'll delete once it has found a home. small animals, hutch, house, chinchilla, guinea pig, guinea pigs, bunny, bunnies, rabbit, rabbits, rodents, travel cage, transport crate, small animal starter kit, play area, play pen enclosure, animal shelter
  3. For sale is a roomy cage for small animals. This is good for a rabbit or a pair of Guinea pigs! The dimensions can be found in the photos. The cage has a hard plastic bottom with sturdy bars. The grey shelf/ upper deck, water bottle, hay feeder and bowl (seen in the photo) are not included. The cage is in good used condition

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The door opening was made so that heavily pregnant guinea pigs could still go in and out without difficulty. The floor is flush without any obstructions to make cleaning difficult, and the boxes pass through the cage washer. Catching the guinea pigs is a matter of closing the door once they scamper inside and opening the top of the box $80.00 Guinea pig cage for sale in Tooele, UT on KSL Classifieds. View a wide selection of Pet Equipment and Supplies and other great items on KSL Classifieds PawHut Small Animal Cage Deluxe Pet Habitat Rolling Rabbit Hutch for Bunny Guinea Pig Pet Mink Chinchilla with Detachable Stand Storage Shelf Accessories. Give your small pet their own place to chill the day away with this cage from PawHut. Our small animal cage is the perfect home for small animals like bunny, guinea pig, pet mink, chinchilla and other similar sized small pets Guinea pigs are active. Guinea pigs are active up to 20 hours per day and sleep only for short periods. Guinea pigs are highly social. Guinea pigs are social animals. In the wild they live in close family groups of 5 - 10 individuals, though several groups may live in close proximity to form a colony. Guinea pigs' need a high fibre diet that is. Common Illnesses in Guinea Pigs Dental Problems . Guinea pig's teeth grow constantly throughout their lives. If these are not kept in check they can become overgrown or misaligned. Dental problems in guinea pigs can result in your piggie going off his food for long periods of time. Monitoring the volume of food that your guinea pigs are getting through can be a good indication of problems

This 37 4 Level Indoor Ferret Cage is built to keep your pets safe, happy and active. It is suitable for small animals such as rabbits, ferrets, guinea pigs. It provides ample space for living and room for activities, so they can get physical and mental stimulation provided by this cage I will only sell the cages with all of the accessories and I will not part everything out. *keep reading* you must be able to pick up in wisconsin south of milwaukee. I will not travel or transport guinea pigs. must have cash at the time of pick up. I will not do any holds on guinea pigs but I will hold a cage and accessories with half down 2 FREE Female Guinea Pigs. Cage included (yrk > York ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $25. favorite this post Jul 25 Dog cage Metal Cage Type Storage/Transport Tote $50 (hrs > Harrisburg ) pic hide this posting restore restore this posting. $15. favorite this post Jul 2 Guinea Pig Care Tip - Have a Spare Makeshift Cage Handy When it comes to housing guinea pigs we all know they need as much space as possible to ensure they get good exercise, have enough room to do their waddle struts and have ample bedding for hygienic living Assembling and setting up the hedgehog cage is an easy thing to do and because it is really light, it can be easily transported throughout your home. Once fully built, the Cavie Guinea Pig Cage & Rabbit Cage is big enough to comfortably house two hedgehogs. However, any more than this would be inhumane to do