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  1. UNIT MOVEMENT OFFICERS (UMO) HANDBOOK History. This is the initial publication of USARC Pamphlet 55-1. Summary. This pamphlet contains helpful information in preparing the Unit Movement Plan (UMP) and in deployment planning. Applicability. This pamphlet applies to all organizations and units subordinate to the U.S. Army Reserve Command (USARC)
  2. Supervise and ensure movement training of the unit for all modes of transportations is conducted. Supervise and ensure movement training of unit personnel is conducted for deployment, retrograde, rotation, and redeployment missions. Prepare movement plans to support all task plans, modes of transportation, and ports of departure
  3. The role of the unit movement officer (UMO) is challenging yet rewarding. I gained invaluable experience about deployment while serving as a battalion UMO in a brigade combat team during two..
  4. Plan, organize, and supervise the preparation and execution of unit movement and distribution operations. Coordinate deployment and distribution actions with multinational, joint, Army, and..
  5. Unit Movement Officer (UMO) 05/2012 to 05/2013 Company Name - City, State Plan, organize and supervise the movement, deployment and redeployment of Army personnel and equipment. Coordinate deployment and redeployment issues with joint, Army and commercial agencies
  6. As a Lead Training Instructor/Course Manager with the Combined Arms Training Center (CATC). Directly leads approximately 9 civilian, military and contractor employees engaged in Unit Movement..

CBRN Defense Course - Qualifies personnel as unit NBC Defense Officers/NCOs as required by AR 350-1 (one officer and one enlisted alternate per company) and to train those individuals in techniques needed for combat operations in a chemical, biological and nuclear environment The Movement Committee serves to train, educate, and inspire unit movement representatives. The Movement Committee trains Soldiers in both the Air Movement Control Officer (AMCO) course and the..

As an Army command (ACOM), U.S. Army Forces Command (FORSCOM) is the Army's Service force provider for continental United States (CONUS) -based conventional units and outside continental United States (OCONUS) for the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico, the Virgin Islands and Guam. The U.S. Army Special Operations Command (USASOC responsibility. Movement control is inherently joint allowing other Services access to Army common user transportation and is a medium for the Army to utilize joint transportation to enhance military operations. Not vested in a singular unit, movement control responsibilities are embedded in a network that relies o Plan, organize, and supervise the preparation and execution of unit movement and distribution operations. Coordinate deployment and distribution actions with multinational, Joint, Army, and.. The unit movement officer (UMO) is appointed at the company and battalion levels. The UMO represents the company or battalion commander in attending to the details of getting the unit ready for..

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Company Commander Jul 2014-Dec 2015 US Army - Fort Hood, TX Responsible for providing leadership, guidance, and direction for as many as 308 Soldiers. Responsible for the health, welfare, morale, discipline and safety of as many as 308 Soldiers and their families while supporting as many as 206 deployed Soldiers Directs and coordinates the implementation of Global Transportation Network. Performs duties in preceding skill levels; performs as technical advisor to higher echelons of command and allied armies on transportation matters

CRBN OFFICER/NCO COURSE - Qualifies personnel as unit NBC Defense Officers/NCOs as required by AR 350-1 (one officer and one enlisted alternate per company) and to train those individuals in techniques needed for combat operations in a chemical, biological and nuclear environment 1-1. A unit movement operation is the movement of unit equipment, personnel, and accompanying supplies from one location to another. Unit movement operations are conducted during training exercises, mobilization, and deployment. Unit movement operations are planned, coordinated, and executed by four principal modes: rail, motor, air, and sea At battalion and brigade levels there are two types of staff officers: The unit or principal staff and the special staff. This subcourse will emphasize the duties of the unit staff, specifically the S1, S2, S3, and S4. To identify the duties or individual responsibilities of a staff officer, specific Army doctrine has been established Unit Movement Officer Deployment Planning (UMODP) 15. Air Lift Planners Course (UMO-152) (new name) Affiliated Contingency Load Planning Course. 16. Maintenance Manager Course (LOG 215A) 17. Property Book Course (LOG 72A) 18. Unit Supply Course (LOG 73A) 19. S4 Training Course (LOG 75A) 20. GCSS-Army Master Driver Admin Ops (LOG 77A) 21.

Military. Appendix K. UNIT MOVEMENT OFFICER (UMO) RESPONSIBILITIES AND CHECKLIST. K-1. The UMO is the commander's appointed representative and assists the commander in preparing the unit for. COURSE DESCRIPTION: UMOC is a two-week course designed to assist the Unit Movement Officers in performing their United States Army Reserve pre-mobilization duties. Course objectives are met by combining Forces Command and United States Army Reserve Command policy with hands-on training onward-movement, and integration process. In many cases, the fundamental skills required to execute short-notice deployments involving all of a unit's organic equipment have atrophied over the past years. The Command Deployment Discipline Program (CDDP) is a commander's tool designed to enhance unit deployment readiness. This handbook is Additional Duty/Position NCOER Bullets. AER Campaign Coordinator. Admin Duties. Administrative NCO. ADVON (Advanced Echelon) Ammo Handler. Annual Training. Antiterrorism Officer. Arms Room

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Battalion Unit Movement Officer Jun 2013 - Oct 2014 United States Army - FT. Lewis, WA. Planned and coordinated training exercises, mobilization, deployment, redeployment, and all resupply movements in and out of the unit's location 1.5. The S-4 or property book officer (PBO) handles the property book transfers for the unit prior to mobilization. 1.6. The senior ranking chaplain in the detachment will sign assumption of command orders and will assume responsibility as the officer in charge (OIC), but will be supported by the staff sections of their higher command PREREQUISITES: Active Army and Reserve Component commissioned officers in grades LT-LTC and warrant officers who are appointed to or under consideration for appointment to a unit/staff movement position involving unit strategic deployment or unit movements by surface modes. Enlisted personnel in rank SGT, Corporal for USMC, and above on unit.

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States Army Transportation School at Fort Eustis, Virginia. Point of contact for this handbook is: Concept of Movement. c. Tasks of Subordinate Unit. d. Detailed Timings. e. Coordinating Instructions. (1) Order of march. (2) Routes. • Duties of the convoy commander and other convoy control personnel c: Key Control Officer (KCO) (1) Will establish and monitor the key control program for the unit. (2) Will sign for all keys and locks within the unit's responsibility, except for Real Property Keys. (3) Will issue all keys and locks by serial number to the Key Custodians using DA Form 2062. (4) Will procure, store and issue reserve or backup. The movement control battalion (MCB) provides this capability through its subordinate movement control teams (MCTs). Army Techniques Publication (ATP) 4-16, Movement Control, defines an MCB as a. The IN is a specialized combat unit and the first-ever established branch of the Army. Created in 1775 during the American Revolutionary War, the branch is also known as the Queen of Battle.. A soldier in the IN is likely to be in either the Light Infantry Division, Stryker Infantry Division or Mechanized Infantry Division

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Directed duties include being in charge of quarters (CQ) or serving as sergeant of the guard, staff duty officer, company training NCO and NBC NCO, where these duties are not found in the unit's organization charts. Implied duties often support specified duties, but in some cases they may not be related to the MOS job position. These duties. Recruiter (0) Experience. Experience. 0 to 2 years (3) All Filters. Unit Movement Officer Course Instructor Jobs - 7 Job Positions Available. Top Cities: unit movement officer course instructor jobs. 1 - 7 of 7 jobs

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Example Additional Duty Appointments memorandum for the assigning of the duties of the Unit Movement Planner Officer and Unit Movement Planner NCO. NOTE: This document is in MS Word format CLICK TO DOWNLOA • Officers and NCOs at MCTP are able to gain multiple careers worth of experience in a short time through observation of their training audiences. Furthermore, OC/Ts gain a unique perspective of the Army's trending challenges and their solutions. • OC/Ts have the opportunity to help shape the way the Army will fight now and in the future Transportation officers are experts in the systems, vehicles and procedures of moving troops and supplies in the Army. Job Duties. Commanding and controlling transportation operations and combined armed forces during land combat. Coordinate employment of Transportation Soldiers at all levels of command in U.S. and multinational operations. POSITION DUTIES: 1. The employee develops and implements training programs. As the principal Environmental Trainer, programs and implements interdisciplinary training and associated record keeping programs to comply with all environmental requirements for personnel on Fort Hood to include but not limited to: Resource Conservation and Recovery Act Subtitle C (RCRA-C), and Hazardous Waste. ACHIEVEMENT #6 SFC _____'s superior performance as the Battalion Unit Movement Officer was critical for the overall success for both deployments and re-deployments of the BN in support of OPERATION. His ability to create detailed movement planning while expertly forecasting the BN's needs ensured that critical BN equipment was available for OC.

Job Description. The battalion S3 officer is responsible for training at the brigade and battalion level when the units are not deployed. He defines and writes manuals for the tasks that the unit and its individual soldiers are expected to perform. These list of tasks are used to evaluate the performance of the unit during training exercises unit standard operating procedures (SOPs). This pamphlet was designed to assist the staff officer and NCOs in the development of a new unit TOCSOP. This pamphlet doesn't presume to tell Army leaders exactly how they should perform specific tasks nor is it a doctrinal document. This document was designed for the Staff NCO and NCOs at all unit. 19 Unit Movement Officer Course Instructor jobs available on Indeed.com. Apply to Instructor, Captain, Facilitator and more It is also responsible for individual or group moves. Unit Movement Coordinator has primary responsibility for the preparation, maintenance and execution of movement/mobilization/load plans for all units at Fort Carson, the AR 5-9 area (approximately 256 units) and all Reserve components that deploy from Fort Carson weight, and cube of military vehicles, vehicle-mounted equipment, and other outsize/overweight equipment. Staff, command, and field organizations use this data for standard reference in developing and reporting movement requirements. The data is specif-ically oriented to unit movement transportability/de

Post: This is the correct place for an officer or noncommissioned officer to stand in a prescribed formation. Head: This is a column's leading element. Base: This is the element around which a movement is planned or regulated. Cadence: This is a uniform rhythm or number of steps or counts per minute movement control team Movement control teams (MCTs) are Army units that decentralize the execution of movement responsibilities on an area basis or at key transportation nodes. The mission of the MCTs is movement control of personnel and materiel as well as the coordination of bulk fuel and water transportation at pipeline and production take-off points. The Transportation School Trains and produces Transportation professionals, Develop viable Doctrine, & Integrate transportation concepts and capabilities to deploy and distribute expeditionary forces description The Palletized Load System (PLS) A1 is a 5-axle, 10-wheel drive tactical truck with a companion trailer (M1076A1), each with a demountable cargo bed (flat rack). Both the truck and the trailer are capable of carrying up to 36,250 pounds of payload (which includes the weight of the flat rack) on one of several different types of flat. Formerly known as Sustainment Unit One Stop (SUOS), this new, updated portal is managed by the U.S. Army Combined Arms Support Command (CASCOM) and provides consolidated access to Army sustainment resources, including training, doctrine, lessons learned, and more. Please check the recent activity section below for links to new and updated sustainment resources


Ground Safety Officer Training. The Ground Safety Officer Course (GSOC) is a six-week resident course, teaching the skills necessary to establish safety qualified Additional Duty Safety Officers for Soldiers and Department of the Army Civilians. Included in the course curriculum is training in: Risk Management, Explosives Safety Management. Company, Martin Army Community Hospital. RANK LAST FIRST LAST FOUR UNIT POSITION 2. Authority: AR 600-20 3. Purpose: To perform duties as required by above references. 4. Period: Until officially released or relieved from duty appointment or assignment. 5

The transportation management coordinator coordinates, monitors, controls and supervises the movement of personnel, equipment and cargo by air, rail, highway and water. Determine the most efficient mode of transport that accomplishes mission requirements. Duties for MOS 88N at each skill level are: MOSC 88N1O. Advises military and DoD civilians. Army doctrine is many things, but it is not dogma to be applied blindly. It is adjusted to the circumstances of the operational environment. 1 Doctrine describes the role of a command sergeant major and tasks them to affect numerous areas of friction.. The command sergeant major is the senior noncommissioned officer in a unit who advises the commander on all issues related to the enlisted ranks Automated Movement and Identification Solutions (AMIS) has a diverse mission to support the U.S. Army, Department of Defense (DOD), federal agencies, North Atlantic Treaty Organization and several coalition partners. AMIS consists of DOD civil servants, Soldiers and contractors, providing functional, technical, engineering and management expertise Have a written recommendation from a senior warrant officer (CW3 or above), any MOS or any MOS 882A warrant officer; if unit-level commander is a warrant officer, this memorandum serves the requirement for a commander's endorsement and warrant officer letter. Physical profile of not less than 222221. For Reserve Component applicants, a Letter.

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As a Warehouse Coordinator (Unit Supply Operator) you'll be responsible for supplying Army units with everything they need. You'll be a supply specialist performing a range of duties from stores accounting, electronic ledger entry to warehousing duties including receiving and issuing stores The following common military-to-civilian-translations and tips can help you get your point across to just about anybody. You know it as: Civilian employers will understand it as: NCOIC, Watch Captain,Petty Officer of the Watch. →. Supervisor, Manager, Coordinator. Commander, Chief. →


Aviation. Aviation is a combat arms branch which encompasses 80 percent of the commissioned officer operational flying positions within the Army (less those in Aviation Material Management and Medical Service Corps). Army Aviation is concerned with the accomplishment of the assigned mission to conduct prompt and sustained combat operations Warrant Officers make up the technical foundation of the U.S. Army, including Army pilots. Warrant Officers specialize in many technical areas including intelligence, aviation, or military police and have job responsibilities that include training Soldiers, organizing and advising on missions, and advancing within their career specialties The Department of the Army announced today the upcoming 2021 rotation to Europe of the 1st Armored Brigade Combat Team, 1st Infantry Division, which is stationed at Fort Riley, Kansas. African Lion, U.S. Africa Command's premier joint annual exercise, successfully wrapped up its 17th iteration in Morocco, Tunisia and Senegal, June 18 Define movement control officer. movement control officer synonyms, movement control officer pronunciation, movement control officer translation, English dictionary definition of movement control officer. An officer of the movement control organization responsible for the executive control of movement of military personnel and cargo by all. Transportation Management Coordinator—MOS 88N. Rod Powers was the U.S. Military expert for The Balance Careers and was a retired Air Force First Sergeant with 22 years of active duty service. Transportation Management Coordinators are primarily responsible for scheduling and selecting the modes of transportation for personnel and equipment

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Course Description. Educate Snipers to be adaptive Soldiers, critical & creative thinkers, armed with the technical, tactical, and logistical skills necessary to serve successfully at the Sniper Team level. Prepare Snipers with a principal understanding of team duties and responsibilities. The Basic Sniper Course trains selected individuals. DESCRIPTION The Joint Precision Airdrop System (JPADS) provides rapid, precise, high-altitude delivery capabilities that do not rely on ground transportation. The system ensures accurate and timely delivery in support of operational missions, while providing aircraft with increased survivability. JPADS integrat.

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a. AR 500-5, Army Mobilization, Army mobilization is a complex activity. To understand how the Army mobilizes, an individual requires knowledge of the authorities for mobilization, the process actors and the sequence of activities necessary to bring a unit or Soldier onto active duty. b. HQDA EXORD 230 -16 supersedes HQDA EXORD 266-12, DTG. overarching Army collective or regulatory administrative guidance for Warrior Transition Units (WTU's). The Army has created WTU's to which Soldiers may be assigned or attached while undergoing medical care and rehabilitation. Summary. This publication has been revised to update policies and guidance for the care and managemen


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TheOSE has Mobile Training Teams (MTT) for onsite certification at the home unit'sor installation's location, certifying multiple OPSEC Officers (30-35 personnel).The MTT is tailored to the Army organization requesting the course and given by instructors from the OSE In the Army, the presence of youth, weapons and weapons systems presents the Army's environmental officers with challenges in their duties as the Army's industrial hygienists. They work to create instructions and techniques for equipment use and safe practices in inherently unsafe conditions, whether on the battlefield or in training SMALL UNIT MOVEMENT Description, Range, Method of fire (manipulation and rate of fire), and command to commence firing 2) The Automatic Rifleman (or light machine gunner) tries to pin the enemy down. 3) The Grenadier (armed, usually, with an M203 or the equivalent) does two things Movement of the Staff to the Rear of the COT 25 Recordkeeping in the Army. Record titles and descriptions are available on the Army Records but may vary depending on unit size fails, OPMD, HRC clears the market with an emphasis on officer and unit preferences. b.Characteristics : i. Thick - contains numerous and proportionate amount of unit positions to officers to produce optimal outcomes for both participants. This creates competition and increases chances for an assignment match. ii

2.2 Typical MLE Unit Types/Functions in DSCA 2-7 2.3 Special Legal Considerations in DSCA 2-12 CHAPTER 3: MILITARY ENGINEERING 3-1 3.1 Short History of the Corps of Engineers 3-1 3.2 Military Engineer Response to Civil Authorities 3-3 3.3 Engineer Resources 3-4 3.4 Air Force Engineers 3-8 3.5 Navy Engineers 3-1 members, MI is one of the largest branches of the Army. Duties include all aspects of planning, organization, training, and operations of tactical intelligence, counter­intelligence, signal Military Police ­ Today's military police officer enjoys battlefield movement of critical resources Ensuring unit movement requirements (soldiers and equipment) are accurate, and are prepared and documented in accordance with appropriate movement criteria (FORSCOM/ARNG Regulation 55-1 and FM 3-35). The UMO also ensures that equipment movement requirements are expressed in transportation terms (TC-AIMS II)