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Most of the time the answer is no! BUTsometimes it IS better to pull your remaining teeth and have full mouth dental implants. Many times people present with either all of their top decayed and/or infected with gum disease. Many times these teeth have already had root canals, crowns, and tooth bridges in addition to bone loss Hi, the majority of my teeth unfortunately have large fillings. My Dentist told me that my teeth color is an A2 and to me my teeth look Yellow. In all honesty is the color A2 considered Yellow (not White)? If so, what are my options for whitening my teeth considering that most of my teeth have fillings I'm 19 and have fillings in almost all of my teeth. I'm worried that I'll need dentures eventually because I know fillings can only be replaced so much. I should mention that I have great oral hygiene routine and do everything I can to take care of my teeth

Allergic Reactions to Amalgam (Silver) Fillings. Allergic reactions to silver fillings are rare. Fewer than 100 cases have ever been reported, according to the American Dental Association Answer: Fillings Invisalign should typically work regardless of the presence of fillings on anterior teeth, and it shouldn't usually affect intact fillings. However, if these fillings are defective, or they splint the teeth together (such as with a fixed retainer) then this is a contraindication

Bits of my teeth and my fillings are falling out at an amazing rate. I can't eat anything but soup! I am a 49 year old woman who has not been to the dentist for years. My husband recently left, and I'm not sure I could even afford a dental school. I do drink Pepsi. Why is this happening it's terrifying to have bits of teeth and metal coming out. When all your teeth are missing, tooth roots are not present to stimulate the bone. Your body resorbs the bone and uses it elsewhere. After 10 to 20 years, the progressive bone shrinkage causes facial collapse because you do not have enough jawbone to support your facial muscles Doctoral Degree. 1,393 satisfied customers. From new york. the other day while eating a metal filling. hi,my name is ***** ***** new york. the other day while eating a metal filling came out from one of my teeth that left a big opening where the filling was, i went to the dentist and rigth away he told read more

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You have any pain or tenderness when you chew. My favorite way to gauge the healthiness of my teeth (taught to me by a dentist) is to use my set of stainless steel dental tools. Using the sharp pick, a good mirror and a good light, I poke at each of my teeth with the pick. A healthy tooth will be rock solid and the pick will be unable to penetrate I am only 21 and i cant really understand whats happening. almost every single one of my teeth is decaying and bad. my gums and teeth hurt daily. It's like I can feel them decaying away and it seriously HURTS! I live on my own and I don't have the money to go to a dentist. just to look at me is $150-300 and I don't have money like that at all

If you have less saliva due to dry mouth, this could cause cavities. More frequent sugar: When it comes to your teeth, the amount of sugar you eat doesn't matter as much as how long the exposure is. Eating five slices of cake all at once would be better than sucking on a hard candy or a cough drop for an hour Cavities form when bacteria in plaque and tartar convert sugar into acid. These are most commonly found where plaque is highly prevalent, such as on the molars, between teeth, near the gum line, and at the edges of fillings. There are two important factors to prevent oral hygiene. 1) Oral Hygiene The dental filling is one of the most common procedures in the world of dentistry. Every year, specialists create thousands of these basic repair jobs. They do it fast and they do it with precision. It is extremely common for people to have filled teeth With her naked eyes, she can not see between my teeth or under my fillings and I do have many fillings in my mouth. All together, 15 of my teeth have been restored, including 2 crowns and one root canal treatment. Except for one upper incisor fractured in a horse related accident, all of the other teeth were initially filled before I turned 20

All you have to do it tell your self every day my teeth are healing themselves . It's called affirminatiom. Don't believe me, try it. Why not give it a whirl. I had a huge cavity filling that fell out and I hate the dentist so I bought temporary fillings from the store for a very long time. I read about affirminatiom and thought why not Not only that, those fillings had all been done so poorly that he would probably have to redo them all over again. As you can imagine, I was livid. That first dentist had not only ripped me off, but permanently ruined my teeth! It was a crime worthy of a jail sentence in my opinion, but I was powerless to do anything about it How can I avoid this in the long run? I am young and have fillings in almost all my teeth. I am so scared. All of these fillings are tooth colored and as I read online they have to be replaced. When the dentist replace a filling they somehow damage a bit of the tooth's structure. 4 4. comments. share. save. hide

Most metal dental fillings are dental amalgam — a stable alloy made with mercury, silver, tin, copper and other metals. Although concerns have been raised over the years about the safety of mercury in dental amalgam, there is no conclusive evidence to support that you're better off having amalgam fillings replaced with alternative materials Why Your Teeth Are Suddenly Causing You Problems. It wasn't even peanut brittle that broke Dennis Cedarholm's front tooth in half. It was a seemingly harmless little cracker at a grocery. Reducing the sugar intake can reduce the caries activity. Thorough examination of all teeth needs to be conducted so that the extent of caries can be analysed & progression can be arrested by different restorative procedures (simple amalgam/composite filling, root canal treatment followed by crown placement, direct/ indirect pulp capping Peroxide Teeth Whitening Can Damage Fillings and Crowns. A 2013 study published in the Journal of Dentistry looked at four different restorative materials and how they reacted to 40 percent hydrogen peroxide. All four materials underwent two 20-minute applications. Using the Vickers microhardness test, they determined that all materials showed surface softening but no material loss

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  1. In almost all cases, a dental filling is the best solution for a cavity caused by tooth decay. Once the procedure is done, patients are often surprised to still have some sensitivity or even pain. This is normal—to a degree. But if sensitivity is extreme or lasts too long, it could mean there is a problem
  2. 4. Know the basics of cavities and fillings. In basic terms, a cavity occurs when decay (from bacteria, acid, etc.) causes a hole to be bored through both the protective enamel and the dentin beneath, reaching the tooth's interior components. Incipient carious lesions, also sometimes called microcavities, exist when the dentin has.
  3. There are many reasons why a filling may come loose or fall out. If this happens, it's important to see your dentist as soon as possible. Waiting too long can cause tooth decay or further damage.
  4. imal, this treatment, along with dental hygiene care daily, might be all that is needed to treat the rotting of the teeth and stop further tooth decay. It the rotting of the teeth has advanced and has degraded the teeth, you might need to get some fillings. You will need to have your dentist discuss filling options with you

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  1. A dentist must ensure that the filling lines up with the other teeth in the mouth. If the filling is too tall, it can cause extra pressure as a person bites down. This can cause pain and.
  2. He charges $35 for the exam, $75 for a cleaning, $100 for the full-mouth X-ray, $65-$120 for each filling, depending on the type (I would have had two around $65, one around $120) and $250 for the mouth guard. So, about $600-$700 here—pretty comparable to my student care. Dr. Madison Ave. is another story: $50 for the exam, $130 for a.
  3. Hi. My name is Carrie. Im 37 and was diagnosed with chrons disease at 25. So I have had my fair share of steroids. In particular I was on steroids for 2 years straight,with doses as high as 100mg per day. I have had my back teeth with filling crumble out of my mouth. I recently had ro get 4 cavities filled on my front top teeth
  4. Hi, I had two fillings replaced on my two front teeth (these teeth have root canal). One feels ok the other feels swollen/fatter (Sorry that's the only way I can think of describing it!) Pretty much straight away my jaw felt different like it was misaligned. I would describe it more as extreme discomfort than pain. It is also affecting my ears
  5. In short, the answer is no. Dental fillings are used to treat cavities because a dentist tends to want to remove the decayed part (the cavity) and fill it to stop any further damage from occurring. While there aren't ways to remove a cavity without using a filling, there are ways almost to reverse the decay

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Not to anyone's surprise, you find out that you need a couple of fillings and a crown. You don't floss, and you even enjoy a soda a couple of times a week. Over time, your teeth have taken the toll. I'm good, you think to yourself, after all, I have dental insurance (My four wisdom teeth have been extracted. ) Total cost : $13,440. He could, he assured me, do most of the job in a single day—with a 10 percent discount if I paid cash on that day Composite fillings have a more natural appearance than other options. The composite material can be customized to match the shade of your tooth, so they're almost unnoticeable to anyone who. Most adults have fillings or other dental work in some of our teeth. Often this dental work uses a material called amalgam.. It contains mercury and other metals, such as zinc, tin, copper, or silver. Dentists have used amalgams for nearly 200 years. Some people think they are dangerous because of the mercury, but studies do not show that.

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  1. Why Baby Teeth Need Fillings. As a parent, you try to do all the right things for your child. You help your child brush and floss, you offer teeth-healthy snacks, and you only let them drink water, yet despite all your efforts, your toddler or child has cavities in their baby teeth. You and your child are not alone
  2. So with all this junk food we all eat who has -. 1)Fillings if so how many. 2)Missing adult teeth if so why. 3)Still has baby teeth if so why. Ill start:) I have 2 fillings, 1 adult tooth missing and don't have any baby teeth. I have a missing adult tooth as I had a baby tooth which would not fall out so when I had my braces on the dentist took.
  3. I have four fillings on molar teeth that I received 10-12 years old. I didn't get them all at once, though. Two of them don't bother me at all, but one of them is loose, and another tooth throbs on occasion. When the pain gets severe, I hold water in my mouth to get some relief. It's almost as if the water pressure is soothing

I had to have 4 teeth pulled that had the metal fillings in them I also wore a mouth piece to protect the gums and remaining teeth. They did not want to wait for me to have the silver fillings removed and the newer white fillings put in.. I am 4 years past treatment and have had no issues with any of my remaining teeth or gums (knock on wood) In time, continued erosion weakens teeth, and fillings become necessary. Later, root canals or crowns may be needed when the fillings wear out. Tooth loss even can occur Dr. Gianino has not placed silver (amalgam) fillings in over 12 years. Due to the reasons above. Dr. Gainino and his assistants are also excellent at matching the color of the filling to your tooth's natural color so that the fillings almost disappear. Let face it, who wouldn't like to say I have never had a filling ;) Hi I had a tooth that had a filling 2 months ago and after that afew days from that i felt pain and shocking pain and got to a point i couldn't open or talk or even eat so i went back to my dentist told him everything and so he told me i have trigeminal neuralgia and up to today the medication im talking just doesn't help at all i feel like i dnt have trigeminal neuralgia its just the. I have 4 amalgam fillings on my teeth, 1 of it is cracked a bit but there's no safe place to get them removed in Vietnam hence I'm still waiting until get could go overseas to get it done. I have some cysts in my breast, will it because of the toxicity? In the meantime, I start to do enema coffee to detox liver and drink green juice

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Pulpitis: Just as any surgeon will tell you that all surgery is risky, all restorative work is traumatic to teeth. When a tooth requires a filling, the extended vibration and heat from the drill can cause the pulpal tissue within the tooth to swell. This can result in a condition known as pulpitis White fillings also take longer than silver fillings, only because dentists have to keep teeth completely dry for the filling to adhere. In some cases, a longer procedure equals a higher cost. Check your insurance plan to see what coverage you have for white filling procedures. Silver Filling Fact Dental fillings are used to repair your teeth that have been damaged or broken. If done correctly, your filling should prevent future deterioration of your teeth (cavities). Reply:A chip in the tooth. Reply:for cavities, you big silly!!!! Reply:filling in holes in you're teeth where food or somthing has rotten it away cus you don't brush ya.

I have worked with the elderly and my own mother. You never pull teeth if they are not causing pain. She enjoys food. I don't know if she has any dementia. But, it is almost impossible to get them to sit still to do the impressions. If the teeth where pulled. She if it was possible to make dentures. Would not adapt to them so easily Sometimes fixing all of those bad teeth costs more than replacing all of the teeth a typical denture looks like and the fixed porcelain bridge I made for her on 5 Mar 24, 2010 · My Mom has genetically bad teeth and her dentist convinced her to pull all of them and get dentures when she was in her mid-50's or so Teeth after chemo. You seemed to have been able to hold out longer than I did. A year after my last chemo (2008). I had them all pulled out and went the denture route. My teeth turned various different shades of colors, chip, crack and what dental work I had done some years before just came off

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  1. Two years ago my dentist filled a cavity with a white composite filling. I had problems with it initially. I had to go back to the dentist and grind away some of the composite fillings. Those were almost touching the tooth next to it. Dental floss would barely fit between them. I've also had chewing sensitivity with this tooth
  2. Reply:the kind of fillings you have has nothing to do w/ getting braces . . . you should try to opt for enamel colored fillings when you can or youll end up w/ a ****-ton of silver in there and it looks bad, (personal opinion) but you can get whatever kind of braces you need regardless of the kind of fillings you have
  3. The mercury vapors released from drilling out all silver fillings is more harmful than leaving the fillings in place. The force of the removal also has the potential to take some bits of tooth.

The material is hardened by focusing intense light rays on it for about a minute (the time required may vary according to each patient's needs and specific dental condition). For more information on composite white fillings or to schedule an appointment, call West Cobb Dentistry at (770) 794-3332. West Cobb Dentistry Like Rebecca, I too am having super sensitivity (ALL of my teeth) since removing my (2) amalgam fillings 3 weeks ago. I sure hope that's not a thing for life, because I never had it prior to the removal I have not done a detox, although I have been drinking DE in a glass of water every morning for almost 2 months. I've heard that helps As you said, patients are powerless in front of professionals like dentists. I could not agree more from my own experiences. A few months ago, I was told by my general dentist that I had one molar with 5 and 6mm pocket while all other teeth had 4 or below. He suggested I see a periodontist to get it checked up. I contacted one periodontist I am 61 years old and unfortunately for what ever reason, I had terrible dental health as a child resulting in 13 amalgam fillings. Thank goodness my wisdom teeth were extracted. Although my front teeth look great, I have a mouth full of mercury that has been there for at least 40 years Pediatric Dental Fillings in San Antonio, TX. Our office provides durable, tooth-colored dental fillings that are designed to replace decayed areas of teeth and blend in flawlessly with the surrounding teeth. Whether you suspect your child may have a cavity or you know for sure that they need a filling, our team would be happy to help

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The filling may have a cavity under it which is soft and therefore the filling came out because it no longer rested on a solid surface. The filling may have been placed in a situation that a failure is expected. I mean that if a dentist places a filling when a crown is needed, then it is asking too much of the filling to hold up the load cause a dental filling to fail. Bacteria cause tooth decay. Fillings that have worn away, chipped, cracked or fallen out may leave gaps between the tooth and the filling that can provide an entry point for bacteria. Bacteria are abundant in the mouth and are commonly found in saliva and in dental plaque (a thin film that forms on teeth and gums.

While dental fillings have a shorter lifespan than veneers and dental crowns, the restorative option is highly affordable. When fillings are used for restorative purposes, many dental insurance plans cover all or part of the treatment cost. To make the most out of your dental fillings: Treat bruxism with a mouthguard or alternative treatmen If you have noticed pain in one of your teeth while you eat, tooth sensitivity, or a crack in a tooth, you may need to get a dental filling to restore full tooth functionality. While it is normal to be a little nervous about getting a filling, modern tooth filling materials and technological advancements in dentistry have made getting a tooth. Mercury poisoning symptoms can arise from dental amalgam mercury fillings, also called silver fillings, as they continuously release mercury vapo Silver fillings, called amalgam fillings, are old technology, first used in the early 1800's. As dentistry has advanced and better materials invented, this technology has become all but obsolete. However, many of us still retain our childhood amalgam fillings. Most teeth with these fillings show some degree of stress fractures and cracks High fillings cause your tooth to push down a lot harder, making your periodontal ligaments tender. The good news is that your dentist can easily treat a high filling by grinding it down during a follow-up dental visit. Referred Pain. If you experience pain in teeth that surround the tooth that has a filling, this is called referred pain

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The purpose of fillings is to remedy various issues with your teeth including tooth decay and cavities. The process involves your dentist removing the damaged portion of the affected tooth and then replacing it with a filling agent the purpose of which is to restore the tooth to its former glory That causes all kinds of problems, including sore teeth and jaws. Sometimes the only evidence of it is worn down teeth in certain spots. Sometimes not even that, depends on the way each person's teeth fit together. My dentist didn't think of it, until it went on so long you could see worn spots on my teeth. It explained a lot of problems then I have mouth issues (sticky glue-like saliva & ongoing thirst) so in 2015 I had 13 hours of split sessions in the dentist chair to remove all my amalgam & replace with seven porcelain inlays. These replaced what should have been fillings but my teeth fractured/disintegrated when the mercury was removed because the fillings had been so huge By the sounds of it, I would love to have your teeth! Due to Mum being ill when pregnant with me and also my own ill health when I was younger, all of my adult teeth needed fillings almost as soon as they came through as the enamel had not former properly Just had an appointment wish my dentist today, and evidently I have this issue on six of my teeth and he highly suggests filling the gaps (bonding is what he called it and explained it as) but now I'm reading your post, I am having second thoughts as I have no pain sensitivity, it's not visible so I am not worried about the way it looks, I.

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All of this flossing has had its benefits. Since getting Invisalign I have had the least fillings of any two year period of my life. Namely none. My teeth look whiter and healthier and when my (very happy) dentist puts his camera in my mouth and shows me my teeth up on the screen I can literally see the difference About a year ago, I saw my dentist (now ex-dentist) and he said I might need a little filling on one of my bottom, almost-back teeth on the non-neuralgia side. I asked if it was really necessary, as I was sure all the drilling and vibrating was going to set my pain off anyway, so he said we could just leave it and deal with it later Silver Fillings Have a Limited Lifespan - Unlike composite fillings which are bonded to your teeth, an amalgam filling is packed into an area of your tooth, much like filling in a pothole. And If you live in the Seattle area you know just how well repaired potholes last. The life of an amalgam filling is about 10 years Still, many people think they look the best for front teeth. All-resin crowns are the cheapest option, but they are also the weakest -- I do not recommend them. The above dental crowns are almost always fabricated outside the dentist's office. This is where the extreme costs come in; indeed, it is a small item in stature, but a quality crown is.

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I can say that grinding your teeth can be caused by your bite being off. I am 30 and have ground my teeth all my life. My mom said I ground my teeth so bad she could here me in the other room. I went to a holistic dentist and he fixed my bite. I do have to wear a night guard, it is different than the ones you get from a regular dentist Replacing Metal Fillings with Porcelain. Replacing metal filling also know as Amalgam, with porcelain depends on the metal filling condition and your dentist's recommendation. They may be replace for cast gold restorations, porcelain, and composite resins. Gold and porcelain restorations take longer to make and can require two appointments Silver fillings have been used for 150 years; today, around 47% of all dentists still place amalgam fillings. We do know that mercury vapor is released from silver fillings. But whether amalgam poses a real health risk is still not known for sure

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My appointment was 10 Dec. 2012, the dentist checked my teeth, told me I had lost a filling and made an appointment for 21 Jan to get it filled. I said thats a long time to wait and he said with Christmas and New Years coming, thats when I could come back. He cleaned and scaled my teeth and left the big hole I do get an electric shock when my tongue presses the gum near the teeth (1 teeth away from the wisdom teeth). Chewing any food on that teeth makes me feel like their was a electric surge inside my mouth. I do have filling in the nearby teeth. Please help me with it. Thanking You, Winston. Response by Dr. Hall After all, in most cases metal fillings are not dangerous or unhealthy to have in your mouth. Therefore, it is not important for your health to have them changed to white fillings. However, there are some exceptions. If our dentist has noticed some cracks or decay around your metal fillings, they may recommend replacing it My point in all of this is with a less expensive procedure I.e...4 on 4 or some combination like that I would have nice teeth all one shade of white as opposed to extraction of almost all of my upper teeth to be replaced with two separate replacement options of crowns/root canal and a bridge with teeth of 3 different shades of white/gray

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Although teeth are tough and durable, it's possible for them to be cracked or fractured from a fall, an impact, a blow to the face, or another type of stress or trauma. Teeth that have suffered previous injury, have deep, untreated tooth decay, or are structurally compromised by old silver (amalgam) fillings may be more prone to cracking than. My mum says it's nothing to worry about but I'm concerned. I don't know what's caused this though. It might be gingivitis, my mums had it almost all her life, I clench my teeth when I sleep (don't know why) so it could be that. My teeth are misaligned too, I think I need braces but I can't because not all my teeth have fallen out Dr Choi did an excellent job of not only assessing my x-rays, but also recommended filling some chips on my teeth in order to prevent future cavities. I was able to get the fillings right after my checkup and everything went smoothly. Highly recommend this place and I have already scheduled my next check up It is also a difficult situation when a new patient comes to my office from another dentist that does not fully explain the long term condition of their teeth to them. I am left to gently explain that, although they have no pain, they have extremely large fillings. And all extremely large fillings will fail under constant load Alternatives. All amalgam fillings contain approximately 50 percent mercury, and research consistently shows that these fillings expose dental professionals, dental staff, dental patients and unborn fetuses to mercury vapor, mercury-containing particulate and additional forms of mercury contamination. ( 1) Mercury is a highly toxic element, and. Cavities develop more often in the back teeth. However, they can occur in the front teeth, especially if you breathe through your mouth instead of your nose or have a dry mouth condition. Symptoms of Cavities in Front Teeth. The signs and symptoms depend on the extent of cavities. In the early stage, you may not feel pain or sensitivity at all